What Happened In 2012

Where did 2012 go?? I can’t believe the year is over. I set some goals back at the beginning of 2012. Time to check in and think back a bit.


1. To enjoy it. I actually hit this goal to perfection. I said no real PR goals until after May, running for fun, and taking a TNT break. I did all of this. I started focusing on time this Fall and really just went out an ran in the beginning of the year. No real time goals-I knew it would be necessary with my schedule.

2. Race a few more states. I originally said 3. I was lucky enough to check off Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina (All recaps are linked above under my race tab).

3. Beat last years running miles (run 1160 miles).  Well, that dreaded ankle issue left me with a very low September mileage. I will miss my goal by what would have easily been achieved. BUT, I know I would’ve hit it had I been healthy-and that’s a good feeling. I came in at 1104 (today’s miles not included below).

Screen shot 2012-12-31 at 9.17.48 AM

4. Get back to yoga. I did just that. And then some-I found a huge new love in Pilates and several other cross training options with Kim’s New To Me Cross Training monthly challenge. I tried something new every month (if I missed a month, I doubled up) and did 12 new things. Really happy with this!

5. Run 12 1/2 marathons. I did it. Even WITH the ankle sprain. Thank you so much Jill for organizing such a fun challenge. I won’t link up all of the races here, but check out my race schedule above to see the races and results.

Personal goals included getting out of debt, stop shopping, and plan a budget. Let’s just say none of these worked out well. Can you change a non financial planner type?? I’m being serious. I don’t like budgets. I don’t like not being able to do what I want to do (hence the debt). I can GUARANTEE it will be gone by April 1 of 2013. I must say, I’m a bit disappointed in this, but it’s too late now. Obviously something i need to work on. In the mean time, who wants to volunteer to set a budget for me? I promise I’m good at following a plan-I just don’t know how to set it up (don’t tell me mint.com or something like that-tried it).

I’m really happy with the running goals. There were plenty of highs and lows that weren’t in the plan:


NUUN and Hood to Coast. One of the coolest trips and experiences of my life. I can’t ever say enough about the brand, the people behind the brand, and the other bloggers I met.

NUUNHTC team at Oiselle
NUUNHTC team at Oiselle

Runners World 1/2 Marathon with Fitfluential. Again. A very unexpected, amazing weekend. Never would’ve imagined getting to go to this race or meeting the people that I met. From Shalane to fellow bloggers, the whole weekend was awesome.

Having the opportunity to be an official Ambassador for NUUN and Fitfluential.

Meeting new bloggers. Goodness. There were SO many this year. I’m not even sure I could name them all. If we met, just know that you have impacted my life in some way or fashion this year. Thank you. This blog has lead me to some super cool peeps.

PRs. I set new PRs in the 5K, 10K,and the 1/2 marathon.

Hiring Jess as a running coach.  I’m learning to believe in myself!

Completing the New to Me Cross Training Challenge meant trying things I would never have tried. A few examples here: Crossfit, Feel the Burn, Bootcamp, and TRX. Kim linked up everyone who participated recaps here.


The ankle sprain. I truly thought felt like my world came crashing down after such a high of a weekend. Funny, several people told me I would come back stronger and faster-and they’ve all been right. Nothing like a little forced down time to make you really appreciate what you love.

The assault. Never, ever, in a million years did I think I would be assaulted on a run. It’s still surreal. It still haunts me daily. I have to trust the old saying that everything happens for a reason. It happened to make me stronger, to put him behind bars (because I’m strong enough to stand up to him), and to share my story with other runs to help them be aware.

Even with the lows, 2012 goes down as my best year yet. I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings. I’m thinking it will top 2012. (side note-my pictures are uploading incorrectly-think life size-and I’m trying to fix it-but wanted to get the post out.)

 How was your 2012? Best year yet? Take it or leave it? Did you hit or miss your goals? 



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  • Congrats on all of your PRs in 2012 and running adventures. Here’s hoping 2013 is wonderful and you do not experience any lows like what happened later in your year of 2012!

  • Your 2012 year was definitely awesome! You had a great year full spectrum for running! I am hoping to do the HTC relay at some point in the next year or two. Somehow I’ve been blessed enough already for 2013 to start out looking pretty cool!

  • I hit most of my goals- minus my mileage goal. I wanted to run over 2,000 miles and was on track until the compartment syndrome fiasco. I will end up the year with about 1,210 miles. Not too shabby, but I know I can do better in the next 12 months.

    I love your first goal about just enjoying running. I was someone who took running for granted previously. Being injured taught me to appreciate it the sport and actually take the time to enjoy it. I can’t imagine not having running in my life!

    If I were to rate the year I would give it a 4 just because injuries suck. I did have a lot of fun in the beginning of the year. Setting a 1/2 PR in Houston was awesome. Getting to meet Desi and Meb were also pretty cool! I am looking forward to running injury free in 2013. Run Happy sweet friend! XXX

  • i think it is AWESOME that you had more highs than lows. Granted the assault was a low low low. But. Your year seemed to be one full of accomplishments. Here is to 2013 being another good year! 🙂

    I moonlight as a financial planner – the OCD, control freak in me will not let Kyle or me go in debt, in fact I get antsy when we are “too close” to our monthly budget. I can send you our budget tracker & then you can customize it to yourself if you’d want it. it makes you see what you spend on thing each month and you quickly change habits (at least we did)

  • 2012 was such a wonderful year for you and I feel like 2013 is going to bring you more PR’s and will be a great year for you with running.

    I’ve tracked all my expenses for the last 6 years and this year I’m putting us on a strict budget. The best advice I can give you is to break things down into categories: home (rent/mortgage, utilities), medical/other insurance, races (yes, that’s an actual category in our budget), car (oil changes, repairs), debt, food (dining out and groceries), donations, and miscellaneous. Miscellaneous kills us so that is gone from the budget. If we buy something we don’t need then it has to get taken from somewhere else like dining out.

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