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Each year I try and do a gift guide. It’s mainly for runners, and it’s also a great way for my own loved ones to get an idea of what I would like for Christmas. They all say that my list is nothing but running stuff. I can’t help it. It’s what I love, and what I spend my spare time doing.  I’ve had lists for the past 2 years but things have changed since then.  This year I decided to do a top 20 list. Some things I have, some things I want.

Top 20 running gift ideas 

1. Oiselle– amazingly soft tees, awesome shorts, and a very fabulous new gift pack that includes Picky Bars and NUUN too (hint, hint).  You really can’t go wrong with anything from their site.  I may have asked for half of the site myself. 🙂

2. Lululemon– I’ve found that the Run Swiftly products are my favorite tops. They come in tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve and turtle necks. If you want comfy pants, not necessarily for running, you have to have a pair of wunder unders. No, none of their stuff is cheap. But, it lasts forever and is worth it. Promise.

3. Team Sparkleyall know I love these. If you love to stand out at races, this is for you! I have orange, blue, green, red, and gunmetal. I think there are some new colors coming out this week too.

4. Runningskirts– Another great skirt company. I have several, and they are always coming out with new styles.

5. Sparkly Soul headbands– these are my new fav. They seriously don’t move or stretch out (sadly, all of my other brands have), and the sparkle actually goes around the entire band.

6. Socks– Can’t pick just one-but my favorites include Swiftwick for their regular low socks and their tall compression socks (great armwarmers too), ProCompression tall socks (always have great sales), and Zensah sleeves and socks (loving their newest argyle print in pink).  Thorlos are great as well. All of these make great stocking stuffers!

 7. IFitness Belt-to carry your phone, GUs, ID, etc. In my case, I love it because it has a side pouch for my inhaler.

8. Safety Gear. After what happened to me, safety comes first. Not necessarily as exciting as some of the other gifts-but very important. Wrist Saver pepper spray,  reflective gear/lights, and some sort of ID (like ROAD ID) are all great ideas and all fit nicely in a stocking.

9. The Stick is always nice to have around for sore muscles.

10. A GPS watch. If you, or the runner in your life doesn’t have one, get them one. It’s a bigger purchase-but in my opinion-a necessity!  I bought P the Garmin 110 this past year for Valentines Day and I like his more than my Garmin 405. There are some super fancy ones, but I think the 110 is the most bang for your buck.


11. Yurbuds-I don’t have a pair, but I’ve heard great things-a great stocking stuff too.  They have a new womens line out, as well as a options that are compatible with hands free talking (microphone).

12. Erica Sara Designs– any of her race bling is awesome. I really, really want a “Say it, Do it” bracelet. Mine would say believe, strength, fight.

13. NUUN. I always have a ton of it, and can always use more. Kona Kola, Lemon Lime, Orange and Grape are my favs.

NUUN all day, kona kola, new flavor assorted and lemon lime!

14. Fuel for your Runner. My favorites: GUs (I prefer peanut butter) and Picky Bars. Peek around and you will see what your runner likes. I usually have a stash of both around the house and I’m sure you can easily figure out which flavors the runner in your life would like.  These go great in a stocking!

15. Magazines/Books/Journals– Can’t go wrong with subscriptions (or renewals) to Runners World, Running Times, or Women’s Running.  I love my Believe I Am training journal. It’s really helped me focus on the mental side of running.

16. Gift Cards. Plenty of options here. If hotels offer sharing points or gift cards, get those. Buy airline points.  Offer to pay for a race of your runners choice.  Gift card to your runners favorite running store. Gift card so they can buy those overly priced race photos they don’t want to spend their money on. Basically, cash/gift card is always a nice option. 🙂

17. Massage gift certificate. Enough said. (to my Santas: Atlanta Sports Chiropractic with Will Mount).

18. A weather proof running jacket. Specifically, The Sugoi Versa Jacket. I love this thing. It’s wind and water proof and the sleeves are  magnetic and have a zip pouch in the back of the jacket in case you get too warm and just want a vest. Seriously, one of my best running apparel purchases.

19. Gloves. I want a pair of the smart touch gloves. Zensah makes a new pair. It would be nice to use your cell phone if you need to without taking your gloves off!  Other ideas are to buy the cheap pair at target for throwaways. It’s always nice to have extra pair for race day.

20. Homemade giftcard for…. up to you. BUT runners love when you offer to take them to races, cheer them on, etc. Be creative. You know what they like. It’s thoughtful, and a bit cheesy, but your runner may love it that you put some thought into a homemade gift for them!

There ya have it. Some for me, some for you, some for the runner in your life!

Did I miss something that you may want? Are any of these on your list for Santa?



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  • you haven’t tried yurbuds yet? oh man they are my go to. Unfortunately one of my “buds” fell off this weekend and I lost it (dang) so I’ll have to get new ones. digging the purple.

  • Great gift ideas! Can I just duplicate it? I want all of the same things! My hubby got my yurbuds for my birthday and I love them. I used them for a 7 mile run and they stayed in place the whole time. Amazing! I have a new obsession with Lululemon…do not tell my husband. It’s a closet addiction at the moment because he is kind of cheap. 🙂

  • Yurbuds did not work for me. Well, I should say ONE pair worked for me. When I replaced them, I went through TWO replacement pairs based on their measuring and they would slide out of my ears the second I started sweating. Which was like a tenth of a mile. Also, almost ALL of my past races have been music free.

    I love your list. I am super broke this Christmas so I hope to get some of the things you’ve listed as gifts!

    I really want to try the iFitness but I haven’t really been running with a belt. I’ll be checking it out closer to summer when I need more water.

  • Great list! I have that Sugoi Versa jacket too (pink)! Just ran in it this week b/c we’ve been having some crazy wind & rain. So glad I got it at the end of this past winter. On sale 🙂
    I STILL don’t use a Garmin. I might break down in 2013…

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