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I was going to post some of this on Friday but didn’t feel right discussing runner safety and deals found on some of my favorite running sites. So, it’s a little delayed. I am still at a loss for words as to what happened on Friday. This country continues to sadden me, and not just about the shooting. Too much violence, anger, fighting, guns, mental health issues, womens health issues, political parties divided, etc. I could go on and on, but this is a running blog. Not one for politics-I don’t even like to discuss them IRL.  All the politics nonsense aside, my thoughts and prayers will continue to be with those that were affected by the shooting in Connecticut.  Sweet, innocent children and that incredibly brave teacher.  If you need a pick-me-up and to see that not everyone is evil, check out this site.

Before all of the above happened, the Atlanta news did a story on an attacker in Piedmont Park (one of my favorite places in to run, and favorite places in Atlanta). I was featured with my own story and ideas on safety. Be prepared for more accent yall. And my super cute RunningSkirts skirt.  An update on my case as well…I apparently have to be in court on January 2nd. I’m just oh so excited to have to use a vacation day on the first day of the new work year. A-hole.

The deals I mentioned above:

NUUN is offering 20% with the code “holidayhydration” the deal ends 12/16 (tonight).

Get 60% off Aspaeris Pivot Shorts with the code “frostyrun”

This weekend XLMIC hosted the Jingle Bell Hell virtual race. My run Saturday was just that. How was it hell, you ask?

1. I wore the exact same outfit I was attacked in. Mentally, I hesitated putting it all back on as one outfit. I have worn each piece since the attack, but something about the whole outfit together bothered me.  I sucked it up and did it (actually felt good to get past it).

2. Something is going on with my right hip. I went to the chiropractor on Thursday, he adjusted me, felt great and ran on Friday and then the pain started back around mile 4 on Saturday. OF 12 MILES. I ended up stopping and stretching every 2 miles or so. That is SUPER fun.

3. I ran at “the river” (what we call it at TNT) with my friend Jessica. It’s really pretty but flat and boring, and when you get out of the “trails” onto a road it’s a fight with the bike lane and bikers. They really love runners. AND I ran up and down the trail part 3 different times. Up and down and up and down. Same thing. BORING.



4. I decided to pop into a few places post run (yes, all sweaty and gross) to finish my Christmas shopping. I could feel the chafing get worse the longer I shopped. If I could take a picture I would, but BOTH areas are not meant for the internet. Well, this blog, if you know what I mean. Yes, 2 private women places. Not cool. If anyone heard me showering, they would understand. LOTS of F bombs and cries of pain.

So 12 miles of Jingle Bell Hell just for you, XLMIC!


P and I had a low-key Saturday night Christmas shopping (for his family) and then we ate at a new sushi restaurant.

I took today off from all exercise to host my sisters baby shower (at my house).  It was more of a dessert themed shower, and I personally made a triple chocolate cake, ginger snap cookies, and a hot chocolate “bar.”


The hot chocolate was from scratch-no mix here! And I had toppings set out for the guests to choose from-peppermint sticks, marshmallows, and cool whip.IMG_2660

Allison and my future niece/nephew received lots of very nice things.  We don’t look anything alike, right? 🙂IMG_4837


All party hosting is complete. Just need to get through one more week of work and then I will be off for 2 weeks!

How was your weekend? Did you participate in the Jingle Bell Hell Run? Are you ready for Christmas?

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  • I loved the feature that the news did with you and your safety tips. You’re a natural on camera!

    You and your sister look so much alike-both of you look beautiful in the baby shower pictures!

    Hope this last week of work goes by fast so you can enjoy your 2 weeks off!

  • I love the idea of a hot chocolate bar with toppings 🙂 Second one I’ve seen this week. Yes – you and your sister are definitely related. No denying that one! Sorry your run wasn’t the best, but you did it and that is the important part!

  • Chaffing is the WORST. I have had plenty of screaming, f-bombing showers. I will never forget the first time and Brad ran in there freaking out! How was the new sushi place?! Is it the new favorite? Glad to hear the shower was a success!! Miss you!

  • I need to take some hosting lessons from you! Looks like a lovely shower indeed. So nice to hear about a baby on the way, need more happy thoughts. It was exciting to see you & your blog on the news but the circumstances make me so angry. I just hope that people listen to your tips and can avoid future incidents by being more vigilant. I’m definitely paying more attention… Maybe I should ask for a running holster w/ bling?

  • I did run a short Jingle Hell run…I have not written it up yet as I had a friend in for a visit this weekend….I am SO ready for Christmas because my husband and I are going to Belize and I couldn’t be more excited for it!

  • Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth in the outfit of bad memories and then sweaty shopping with chafing? Definitely fit the “Hell” criteria! I hope your chafies heal quickly 🙂

    You and your sister are beautiful. You hosted a wonderful shower.

  • You really are a natural in front of the camera! I hope that the man gets caught and that no other females are threatened or attacked. Very, very scary. We shouldn’t have to run watching over our shoulders all of the time. It does take the joy out of it when we feel scared or threatened.

    How is your hip today? Have you put biofreeze on it? I swear by that stuff! Maybe just a good rest day for your sister’s shower was what you needed.

  • I think about your story all the time. My way of running has changed and I know carry a knife clipped on me and my spray. I run with one headphone and really pay attention. In the past I just went out like I was the only runner in a safety bubble. Thank you for sharing your story!!!

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