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I had the opportunity back in October to spend a weekend with Amanda, Miss Zippy,  at the RW Half. I love her blog and loved her post asking about running in 2012.  I usually do a year-end review, but this is more specific.

1. Best race experience 

Very tough question. I ran A LOT of races this year. Obviously #NUUNHTC goes up there as best race experience. BUT, I have to add the Oak Barrel 1/2 Marathon, Kiawah 1/2 Marathon and Big Sur Marathon as the top three races. All three are so well put on and really add a lot of nice extras to the race experience.

Me and P at Oak Barrel in April
Me and P at Oak Barrel in April

2. Best run

Going with my race at Kiawah this past weekend. I executed a nearly perfect plan, felt good, was focused, and pushed myself further than I thought I could. It’s a great feeling. Funny that my year end was my best run.

3. Best new piece of gear

Lawd, yall know I love to shop and love my running clothes.  I’m going to go with my Mizuno Wave Riders (thanks to the Mezamashii Project) and my ifitness belt. I use both on every run. It’s too hard to pick my favorite new running clothes.



4. Best piece of running advice you have received 

Believe in yourself. This really deserves it’s own post-and it will get one-but learning to realize my full potential is really, really cool. It’s sad to say I didn’t realize what I was capable of doing.

5. Most inspirational runner

Ooh, so tough. I think each and every runner I know inspires me in some way.  I think my coach, Jess (Pace of Me), has been my biggest inspiration this year. She is ALWAYS so positive and encouraging. It’s infectious. Even though her marathon didn’t go as planned this weekend, she was still so positive and genuinely happy for my race. I wish I could be this way all the time-it’s something to strive for.

6.If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?

More highs than lows and couldn’t be more thankful for it.

Your turn. Write up a post of your own or answer a few of the questions here!  I’d love to learn more about your 2012 running year. 

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  • 1. HTC with Nuun would be it. Hands down.
    2. Turkey Trot 5K. Everything came together surprisingly well (even with the ankle-twisting).
    3. Compression socks to run in. Wow…who knew? lol
    4. “It’s just running.” Best advice ever.
    5. Catey Ball from the blog Random Thoughts from the Zoo. Anyone who can not only keep working out more or less consistently with that many kids to care for but conservatively and wisely run her first marathon while pregnant with #9 rocks my world. She is IT.
    6. Learning to let go.

    Looking forward to watching your adventures in 2013!

  • HTC was probably the best race experience of the year, no question about it!! There was a race this year that I PRd on, and it was my favorite run for so many reasons, but the main one being it was a run where running felt easy…yeah, i pushed myself but I literally felt like I was gliding through 3.1 glorious miles.

    And I love that you said Jess was one of your favorite runners!! I loved having her as my roomie in Seattle and wish that I could have been in the same van as her and you!! For real. You are an inspiring runner yourself!

  • What a great year for you! Big Sur is definitely on my bucket list. I absolutely loved driving down Hwy1 from SFO to LA, but running the route would be amazing!!
    I definitely want to write a post with these questions – it’s been such a rollercoaster when it comes to running! Thank you for sharing!

  • Awesome year for you! I”m so glad that your last race went well–or pretty well! 🙂 Do you have a running challenge for 2013 yet?
    1–Defintely a tough question..I think that my best experience was Ragnar Ultra Relay in NW Passage. Such an awesome relay and I had a a great group to do an Ultra with!
    2–OC 1/2 Marathon…it was a PR and I had been trying to break that PR for 3 years…I just had an absolute perfect race with perfect weather!
    3–I have no new race gear! 🙁
    6–An awesome year of racing…lots of PRs…but I may have an achilles injury now! 🙁

  • You had a fantastic year pretty lady! Here are some answers from me 🙂

    1. Best race experience: Houston 1/2 marathon! Had a fun vacation with Mr. Healthy Diva and got to meet Desi Davila and watch the Olympic Marathon Trials. Also snagged my 1/2 marathon PR and eat far too much amazing BBQ. It was a fun week!

    2. Best run: On Easter Sunday I had my last “long” run before the Eugene Marathon. It was 24 miles (12 at easy pace and 12 at mp). I nailed the run in 3:03:xx and it was AWESOME. The best part besides feeling like a rockstar was having Mr. Healthy Diva ride his bike with me and hold me snacks and Nuun. Not to mention the BBQ bacon cheeseburger and extra fries I had when I was done- which was amazing!

    3: Best new piece of gear: I am loving my new Brooks arm warmers Mr. Healthy Diva bought me for my birthday. They have a key pocket and little mittens to cover your hands.

    4. Best piece of training advice: Trust your training! and…when you are coming back from an injury DO NOT compare your previous splits from similar runs.

    5. Most inspirational runner: TOUGH question!!!! Professionally I have to say Desi Davila. I absolutely love her. There are a lot of inspiring women out there, I can’t pick just one. :/

    6. Summing up my year: Not what I expected!

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