Christmas, Running, and Gambling

I feel like the past few days have been a bit of a whirlwind and can’t believe Christmas is over! I spent the weekend hanging with P and celebrating Christmas with him. I packed up my car on Sunday for a 2 week trip home. It’s really hard to pack for 2 weeks when that includes weather changes, holiday attire (Christmas and NYE), and a race.  Even though packing was a bit much, and the whole reason for staying in Mobile for two weeks is terrible, I must admit-I’m enjoying being home. I can actually see ALL the people I want to see and spend quality time with them. Gotta find the silver lining in it all.

Christmas Eve was spent on a New to Me Cross Training activity (recap soon) with Larisa and then a 2 mile Santa Run.  It was pouring Monday morning and it was HOT (car temp read high 70s at some point in the day) and I told myself if it rained, skip the race. The running gods were looking out for me and the rain held off just in time for me to squeeze in a tempo run and the race.



Rocking the Procompression socks and I doubled my red and green team Sparkle skirts
Rocking the Procompression socks and I doubled my red and green team Sparkle skirts

2 mile warmup 8:41, 8:40

2 miles in the race 7:23, 7:32

1 mile after the race 8:41

The Santa Run wasn’t actually a race. It wasn’t even timed and there weren’t bibs-it’s a charity run for a good cause and a reason to dress up. Being super competitative, I know that I finished 2nd overall female. No, there were not awards. I am just crazy like that and must track it.


It was fun to hang out with Larisa and her friend Jen before time with the family that night.

I managed to not take any pictures on Christmas Eve night with my dad’s family. I’m blaming the wine.

Santa was really good to me this year. Highlights include:


A few new lululemon running pieces

Sonicare toothbrush (yes, I am excited!)

A new scale (yes, I asked for this)

Le Creuset Dutch Oven (YES YES YES)

Christopher Radko Vegas ornament

The Ninja mixer/blender

Other non-running-healthy lifestyle gifts include a new down comforter, sheets, pj’s, and lots of awesome things from J Crew.

Many of you may have seen the news (thanks for the texts/tweets) about the tornados that hit Mobile on Christmas night. I did end up hanging out in a closet with my family several times, but we were fortunate (the storm hit midtown, we are west of that). Many in Mobile were not, but the clean up has already started.  Below is video from the Walgreens that was in the storms path. I can’t imagine being in it. Crazy that the cameras caught it all.

Wednesday I got a little arts and crafty. Also known as painting someone elses’ pottery. At least it will look good once it’s glazed.


I also faced my fears and went back to the park where the attack happened. I couldn’t bring myself to actually run down the street, but I did run past it. I didn’t think I would actually do it-but around mile 5 I felt brave enough to give it a try. It was a pretty solid tempo run!


Thursday was another rest day. Typically I would get in a yoga or pilates class but I didn’t even do a video! Instead, my exercise was keeping up with my 86 year old grandmother at the casinos in Biloxi, MS. Yep. I took my grandmother, Nanny, for her birthday. Her big motto is like Vegas, “What happens in Biloxi, stays in Biloxi” but I had to share some of her winnings.


Yes. SOME. The woman has golden fingers. She wins all the time. They know her by name. She actually won on a machine that I had been playing on for an hour or so. Dangit. I did win, but maybe only 1/16 of what she did. We had a great time.

You can see I don’t sit still very well. My nights have been relaxing-Mom and I have watched several movies but otherwise, my vacation has been a bit nonstop. BUT it has been with loved ones, and doing what I love.

How was your Christmas? Do you get time off between Christmas and New Year’s Day? Do you like to gamble?

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