What the 5K?

I can’t believe it is already Thanksgiving!  I will be heading home to Alabama on Wednesday and I can’t wait. I haven’t actually been home since February. I have no idea how that happened.  I did make my first ever pumpkin rolls for the occasion (and one for P to take home to his family).

i promise it looks delicious unwrapped. and not sticking out of my messy fridge.

It will be a bit of a challenge to follow my new running schedule while I am home (I don’t have great routes and not many sidewalks). I must say I am really excited to have someone give me pace goals and how much to run and when to do it. The plan for this week is a little over 27 miles-continuing to build the base.

love the colors 🙂

Included in that 27 miles in a 5K on Thanksgiving morning. I ran this race 2 years ago and actually placed. But I haven’t run a 5K since June 2011. Yes. One and a half years ago. Obviously not my distance of choice but I know I should be able to beat my PR. I have no idea how to race one of these.  I just know I don’t wanna puke and I don’t want to die.

Tell me: How do you prepare for a 5K? Do you warmup? How long? Love or hate this distance? Thanksgiving plans? Do you like seeing my actual schedule and goals each week or is that boring? 

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  • 1. Run fast.
    2. Don’t die/puke.

    I hate 5k’s.

    I try to run a few miles as a warm up, easy pace with some strides. I read something earlier this week that rec’d starting 1-5% slower than goal pace, 2nd mile at goal pace, and run like hell the last 1.1. That makes sense, I think.

    I never think schedules are boring 😀

  • First of all, you’re going to kick a$$ in this thing. Secondly, there are a couple of schools of thought on pacing…last year I outlined a similar plan to what Heather describes to a friend who suggested I just go for it right out of the gate (totally uncharacteristic for me). I did and it was kind of fun and my time was what I had predicted with the pacing plan! Definitely warm up!

  • Love the beer in the bottom of the fridge. Yum. 5k ….hate. But going to allow myself to love someday. 🙂 You will be great. You’ve got some natural speed…I’ve seen it. Just no jumping for cameras, okay? 😉 Love the colorful plan…my plan is like that too. I do warm up about a mile and do some strides…maybe 4 or 5…starting slow and building up to full speed (short and powerful to get the HR up). I also find a grassy area to do some high knees and a few other drills and stretches. You want to start warm…not a lot of time to warm up once you get going. Good luck girl!

  • Yay! For 5k’s!! They suck because they are so hard but they really are fun! Might be good to push beyond your comfort zone a little bit??!!! Good luck!! Looking forward to seeing how it goes!

  • I’m running my first 5k since 2009 Thanksgiving morning. I have no freaking idea what I’m doing! I’m not the healthiest since my last half, so my ultimate goal is to not break myself further. That being said, I’ll warm up for 1/2-1 mile and do a few strides before the start. It’s cold up here and racing on cold muscles is dumb.

  • Have safe travels home today! I love pumpkin rolls, but have never made them before. My aunt makes the best pumpkin rolls ever- they are like crack. I probably should ask her for the recipe, but that could be bad news for me to have in my hands.
    I don’t like 5ks either- totally don’t blame you. It is not a nice distance to race and it hurts. I usually warm up for about 1-1.5 miles and then stretch good, race, and then run another 1-1.5 miles for a cool down. I am doing a turkey trot tomorrow too. It is being advertised as an unmarked course. Could be interesting! Good luck to you and have fun.

  • I like seeing the schedule
    For me it is good because well I know nothing still ! 🙂

    5K. I used to only run that in the beginning because I was scared of distances now I hate them

    I want to die every time. Last one was a year ago. I have one tomorrow as well…no idea how to go about it. It is uphill for the first mile and down for the last….I think I will push right from the start and hope for no puking…thinking of skipping food before that one.

    No JUMPING at the end ok missy!

    Happy thanksgiving !

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