Turkey Trot for Hope 5K

So even though my Saturday run was slightly ruined by some big creep, I had a pretty awesome little race on Thursday.

I ran the same Turkey Trot two years ago when I was home for Thanksgiving except it was at a different location in the city. One with hills. When I saw the race had moved, I knew exactly what it meant. Flat, fast and PR city.

I picked up my bib number and t-shirt the night before the race.  I made the major mistake of eating Lebanese food Wednesday night. Thursday morning was not so hot. I ended up having to take half of an immodium before leaving the house (TMI?).

Larissa, who I met at the RW Half in October, lives in Mobile too, so we rode to the race together.  I had plenty of time to do my 2 mile warmup (thanks for the advice everyone) and then it was time to head to the start. I got as close to the front as possible.

me and Larissa pre race

The gun went off and it was a mad dash. Instant hard breathing and pain. I ignored whatever was continuing to go on with my stomach and hoped it would be okay for a few minutes. The race went through downtown but apparently when you are running that fast you can’t look around. The miles went like this:

1. Hey, this isn’t too bad. I can do this.  It’s kinda fun.


3. Stop grunting. Don’t die. Don’t puke. Please be over soon. NEVER DO A 5K AGAIN.

Of course, once I finished and realized my huge PR (almost 2 minutes) I was happy. It doesn’t make me actually like the 5k distance though. Let me run long-I much prefer zoning out and getting in a groove.

The race isn’t chip timed-so you had to stay in order at the finish so they could grab your bib tag for timing purposes. I was pretty sure I had placed, but wasn’t sure.

Initial results came out and they had me running a 6-something pace per minute and 3rd overall female. I knew that was wrong. I was honest and told the race director the timing was off. She said they had mixed up the slips at the finish. How in the world it was screwed up, I have no idea. But, a little while later I realized I realized I placed 2nd in my AG.

Race results: 22:19

66/775 overall

5/373  Females

2/65 Females 30-34

told ya it was flat.
do negative splits even matter in a 5k? obviously i didn’t exactly do that…

Larissa was super nice and stayed so I could get my medal. We enjoyed the post race food-bananas, muffins, breads, coffee and water and plenty of socializing! Not bad for a 5k! And we took a few pics.

post race spread
Me and the 2 turkeys that started the race
Me and Larissa smooching on a super turkey

I actually love the medal this year-they were made by campers at Camp Rap a Hope this summer (camp for kids battling cancer).  Each medal has different beads/designs.

front and back

Larissa dropped me back off and it was on to a day full of eating and consuming way more calories than burned off at the turkey trot!

 Love or hate the 5k? Out of curiosity, If a race isn’t chip timed, do you go by the garmin or the official time as your PR? Did you burn more than you consumed on Thanksgiving? I don’t think that is possible…


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  • I always go by the official time for my PR. Although it would make sense to go by the Garmin time too. I’m just not very good at starting and stopping my watch at the right times.

    I kind of really like 5Ks. They are over so quickly!

    Congrats on a huge 5K PR!!!!

  • Wow, awesome time. Way to go! I like the handmade medal.

    I don’t always remember to stop my Garmin right away so I go by official time. Actually, now that you brought up this question I can’t remember if my 5k PR was chip-timed or not.

  • Nice job girl! You look super cute with those Turkeys! As always, your legs look fab and you look happy! Was thinking of you tonight as my husband goes over the different choices for us to move…GA and Alabama came up and he mentioned that he will be doing lots of work for the Mobile district. 🙂

  • Congratulations on your new 5K PR and a 2nd place AG finish too! I prefer long distance too. 5K’s are brutal and 10K’s are even worse! Very pretty picture of you with your medal, by the way!

  • Congrats on the 5k PR. I always have this fond memory of 5k’s but actually hate how much they hurt! BUT I think it is good to get out of that running comfort zone and make it hurt every once in a while. It teaches us how to handle the other kind of hurt in a long race, right?! Also, you changed the size of your pictures here…they look good!!

  • Congrats! That us so fast! My 5k PR is with a chip but in a race like this one I would go with the garmin I think. Our 5k for the 4th of July is like that no time chip and a chute where you slow down to stay in order… And they time with a stopwatch!!! That works for the order we get in but for the time…I don’t know.

    I hate 5ks….I am not fast so it is pure hell for me trying to be fast… Pain and frustration….but I do the 2-3 local ones because that is all we got in the towns around my home 🙂

  • A 2 min PR is HUGE. CONGRATS!!!!! I love your medal too, I think that the handmade ones are always the best to get. I hate 5Ks, but I am running one on Saturday. Don’t know what I was thinking when I registered last month. Obviously I wasn’t. I just hope that I don’t puke!

  • Congrats on a great PR!!

    I love 5Ks, sort of. I don’t love running so hard I feel like I’m going to puke and/or pass out. But they are over quickly enough, and I feel like they’re a great test of speed. I always go by my Garmin if a watch isn’t chip timed.

  • I like 5ks but sometimes I crave a longer distance. It is fun to see how you improved just not while you are doing it. Congratulations on your PR!

  • wow speedy girl! 5ks are just hard- I have one coming up friday and my only goal is to beat last years time. If its not chip timed I’d go for garmin time 🙂

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