Stretching is the New Cross Training

by Elizabeth on November 30, 2012

With everything going on this week, finding a new to me cross training at the last minute wasn’t high on my list of priorities (yes, I waited until the last minute). BUT, the #elf4health challenge also said to try something new on Wednesday.  I figured I had to come up with something.

Here is my weak attempt at doing so:

A stretch video from Youtube. In all reality, it is what I need at the moment and I ignore it. My runs are getting harder and more focused (tempo run was scheduled for Wednesday), and I need to focus on my body and taking care of it. Sounds lame-o I am sure, but it is true. This actually FORCED me to stretch for 10 minutes. I will openly admit I am terrible about stretching and usually only do so for about 3 minutes total. I’m always “too busy” and rushing to my next activity for the day.

I loved this video. You hold each stretch just long enough and like I said, it forces you to do it! I’m hoping I am diligent enough to do this after each and every run. What’s 10 minutes, right??

Thursdays #elf4health plan was to get up and do 15 minutes of meditation.  I needed more than that. I went to yoga for athletes instead. I LOVE this class. After a good therapy session to work on some visual clues to get the SOB out of my head, a nice mind clearing yoga session hit the spot.

Side note: I did go to a pilates sculpt class two weeks ago that ended up being a pilates tower class. I had never taken a tower class and this might be my new favorite pilates practice. I didn’t, however, intend for the class to be tower and new, so didn’t really think it counted as my new to me for the month. Instead my stretching does…right???

Yoga or Pilates? Or Both? Try anything new in November? Are you diligent about your stretching post-run?