Out and About and Freestylin’

It’s that time of year. We are all out and about running errands, holiday shopping, preparing for parties, etc. Sidenote: I, honestly, tend to be out and about all of the time during the day. My job requires me to do so and doesn’t involve sitting in an office, which can be hard on my waistline.

holiday shopping at it’s finest on Thanksgiving night at Target.

I’ve never been the “a protein bar is a meal” kind of girl. I need substance. So, I usually end up eating out. Terrible, I know, but it does put me in a fair amount of restaurants during the week.  I do try and make good options when I can. One thing I have noticed, is the new Coca Cola Freestyle machines popping up in some restaurants.  I actually gave up soft drinks 6 years ago. I always get annoyed when my only option is the little pull down water option. You know what I’m talking about, right?

The Freestyle changes everything.  You have over 100 different drink options all with the few taps on the screen.

As you can see above, your options are pretty awesome. There are plenty of non-soft drink options. I went with  a diet lemonade-plain jane-but as you can see-there are even 6 different light lemonade options.

I played around with the Dasani options as well. If I’m drinking water, it’s nice if it’s flavored!

Y’all know I love NUUN, but if I forget to bring it with me, I’ve got plenty of Powerade and Powerade Zero options here too.

All in all, I love this new technology. It takes away the boredom I have at restaurants with the same ole, same ole drink options. And don’t worry-they have plenty of soft drink options for those of you that like them. You can see from the main screen shot pic (a few pictures up in the post) that your options are definitely available!

You can find a freestyle machine near you on the Coke Freestyle website.

Coke compensated me for this post but the review and opinions are my own. 

Have you seen a Freestyle Machine? Tried it? Do you drink soft drinks or try and stay away?

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