October Recap

October was a great month. Even though I was coming off the injury, I ran 3 1/2 marathons, got to meet some new blogger friends and see old ones, and celebrated my birthday several times.  It was pretty fabulous.

Miles Planned/Actual: 0/69 Again, no REAL plan for the month of October. MUCH better than I ever expected. My PT rocks. Seriously, if you live in Atlanta, see Kris at The Sports Rehab Center.

Cross Training Planned/Actual: 0/9. feel the burn and pilates. was out of town a lot and didn’t get to the gym as much.

Races Planned/Actual: 3/3. The Atlanta 13.1, The Runner’s World 1/2 Marathon, and Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon.

PR’s: 0. But each race was a time improvement for me!

New to Me Cross Training: 1/1 Feel the Burn class. I LOVED it. Maybe even more than TRX.

Challenges Completed: 0/0 Didn’t plan on doing any this month

Current Aches/Pains: the ankle. it’s very close to 100%. I can feel it when I get up in the morning and at the end of long days-especially longer runs+errands type of days. That seems to be too much in one day for it. Each race has gotten easier though, so that is good.

Current Book: yep. Let that slip right by. AGAIN. I did download Gone Girl but haven’t read it yet. Played magazine catch up.

Current Obsession: the holidays. and getting my house complete. FINALLY.

the blue/green/tan rug pillow is the new “theme” for my guest/office room. Just have to get accent pillows and recover a chair now.
my new riddling rack. Soon to be filled with all of my wine! Ignore the towel-it’s there to not scuff up the walls. That will all be fixed next week!

Current Drink: Rotating all NUUN flavors at the moment. Surprisingly like the Strawberry Lemonade and Banana combo that P created. Also, lots of beer during football season.

Current Like: that I can run again. Excited to start actually training instead of just easy runs with no plan.

Current Dislike: not having enough time. A lot going on with work, holidays, baby showers, etc. My life feels like one big to do list right now, and that isn’t really fun. Hoping it all slows down soon.

Current Treat: Yoforia. It has seriously become me and P’s sunday night treat. Me: Pumpkin and cheesecake with graham cracker crumbs and dark chocolate chips. P: a hodgepodge of everything you can try. Seriously, men don’t do things that flow. They want to try it all. Have you noticed this?


Current Excitement: a weekend in Huntsville, going to Mobile for Thanksgiving, and a possible 5K. Haven’t done one of those in a year and a half! 

 How was your October? How do you get through the holiday stress? Do you host Thanksgiving or travel? 

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  • I think you had the most unexpectedly best October ever! I am so glad your ankle healed up so quickly! Three half marathons in the month…you are amazing 🙂

  • Allan does the same thing with fro yo. I look at everything in his cup and assume it must taste awful but he eats every bite!

    Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend! Hope November is a little more relaxing for you. You were quite busy in October!

  • Good to hear your ankle is almost 100%! We just moved in to our new house two months ago so I am hoping to host my first ever thanksgiving dinner. Usually my grandma, mom or Great Great Aunt hosted it but I think its my turn. I stress ALOT during the holidays and I hope that I can survive Thanksgiving.

    Weather here has been all over the place since my half and I haven’t got workouts in. I keep letting family, work and excuses get in my way.

  • You had a great month Elizabeth. I like your style for your place. That wine rack is going to be awesome! I have quite the wine collection in my house. My last count was around 30 bottles. Yep, I am wine-o!!!!
    Pumpkin & cheescake with graham cracker fro yo is seriously the best combo. I get that combo all fall. My husband doesn’t get it all. He just throws in whatever. Makes no sense to me. Gummy warms and chocolate chips with peach sorbet??? WEIRD.

  • I am addicted to magazines. I also have a few to catch up on.

    October was okay judging by the way my pants fit. 🙂 I just don’t let the holdays stress me. It is a day to get together with my family. I don’t have to be Martha Stewart, they’ll still love me.

    Both, some travel, some at home.

    Hope your bussiness gets under control. Glad your ankle is doing better and you might get to do a 5K.

  • Isn’t that true this time of year?! I’m so excited to be home for the holidays in our actual house that I have all these hopes for decorating–must follow through! 🙂 We went on a fro-yo rampage last week too! 🙂

  • Oh friend- you’re taking me to that yogurt place when I visit. Let’s join our to do lists. Ha. October sounds like it went well- sometimes no expectations are best. 🙂 Hang in there. Wouldn’t it be nice if life juts slowed down a bit for us?

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