My Little Marathon Secret

A while ago I mentioned what my races would be for the winter/spring. I hinted at a marathon. My last marathon was Big Sur and the last one I actually ran for time was Wineglass Marathon back in October of 2011.

After a year of more “serious” training, I pretty much took the spring of 2012 off from any hard work-type training. I just ran for fun. I was feeling really good until the ankle sprain-ready to train again and hoping for some fall PRs. But, *hit happens and goals change. I am incredibly thankful and happy that my ankle is cooperating now, and somehow, with little training, my times are still coming down.

I secretly hit the submit and take my money button on the marathon back in September but was scared to put it out there. I will be heading to Eugene at the end of April with an awesome group of ladies. I swear, I have at least 10 blogger friends (and some hydration friends) that will be at this race.  Let the #NUUNGENE  #HUGEUG training begin.

Yes. The training. I know I can now run a half marathon pain free. But I’m ready to push myself and not really sure how. The only training plan I have followed in the past 3 years: Hal Higdon beginner half marathon training, Team in Training set plans, and Run Less, Run Faster. Ever other race has been “winging it” and just seeing how I do. I KNOW I have potential.

I have thought about hiring a running coach for a while. As seen above, I can follow a plan and execute it-but they have all be basic, by the book plans. I want/wanted something customized to me and adjustable as I get better. I originally thought I would go with a coach that wasn’t in the blogger world, wasn’t someone I knew, etc.

I spoke to one guy who quickly told me to stop running so many races. We weren’t going to click. He didn’t understand my goals and my passion (side note-this was all before NUUNHTC).  And, I’m not training for the olympics.  No need to only run one race a year.

It was at NUUNHTC that I met my coach. I was incredibly inspired by Jess. If you know her, or met her today, you would NEVER have any idea that her first marathon was 5:21.  Her slowest was 5:34. A few weeks ago she ran MCM in 3:25. THAT is believing. THAT is pushing yourself. And Jess simply says, “It’s science.” She is one of the most encouraging, loving, and modest people I have met.

Jess, Me, and Sarah at HTC

Jess knows my racing the states goals and is okay with me having races in the plan-she knows I will run them at whatever pace she sets. I love that I can still work on my super long term goal as well as my short term one.

I can’t wait to work with her over the next few months and see what I can do. I’m not sure I’m ready to put it ALL out there goal wise. Let’s just see what the first few months hold for me (and how the ankle holds up on longer miles). Today was the beginning of week 1.

Are you coming to run Eugene too??? Do you/have you used a running coach?  

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