Feel the Burn

Talk about waiting till the last minute for my New to Me Cross Challenge for October. But, with the healing ankle and 3 1/2 marathons in October, trying a new class had to wait till the last week of the month.

I heard about Feel the Burn a month or so and was really excited to finally try it. My gym offers several different Feel the Burn classes but I decided to try the beginner one first to see what it was all about.

The instructor, Julie, was awesome. Super friendly and encouraging and played GREAT music. We all were told to get the pilates magic circle, 3,5, and 8 pound weights, a big ball, and 2 different stretch bands.

lots of props for one class!

The class started with arms-triceps and biceps. Lots of circles and repetitions to the point I was internally asking myself how I run marathons but can’t do 50 or so bicep curls without dying. Note to self: get back to the weights you sissy.

We moved onto legs on the barre, which reminded me of my old pure barre days. Actually, it was identical, and I was good at it. Probably not the smartest move 2 days after a race. Lots of leg shaking, lots of small movements to focus on quads, hammys, and calf muscles. Julie continued to say the point of the class is to fatigue the muscle. They were definitely fatigued.

the higher the heel, the better the burn! small squats to focus on inner thighs and quads.

We moved on to glutes and then abs.  The glutes were done against the wall with tiny pulses up. I swear we did 100 of these things.

knees together at a 90 degree angle, heels lifted, and pulse up.

We used the big ab ball and then the mat for a few different ab workouts. I was wiped. And still had to run home.

I LOVED this class. I very well may cheat on TRX for Feel the Burn as my new weights class. They have Feel the Burn Athlete, Feel the Burn Cardio, and Feel the Burn Abs, Thighs, and Glutes.  I have many, many options. I love that is somewhat like Pure Barre , except much cheaper and included in my gym fees!  I look forward to going back again later this week or next week!

I’m so glad Kim started this challenge in January. I’ve really enjoyed trying new classes that I know I would’ve avoided or ignored for months and months.

Did you try anything new in October? Have you tried a barre class? Or a class that sounds like Feel the Burn?

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