Driving and Racing

I’m exhausted. Talk about crazy busy week. Every week I pretend my life will slow down and I can relax but that isn’t the case. Perhaps this upcoming week won’t be so bad.

Wednesday I spent my day at a driving dynamics class. No, this was not court ordered. Don’t yall think I learned my lesson from my previous tickets? 🙂 I have a company car and this is a mandatory class for all reps. I was dreading it. I tried to get out of it. I would much rather see my customers. Turns out, it rocked. I’m not kidding. I learned so much. EVERYONE should take this class.  I’ll share my top 3 things with you because it just might save your life or save you from an accident.

Our class was in this trailer. they travel all over the country.

1. Keep your hands at 9 and 3. If you lock your thumbs over the groove in the steering wheel,  it puts your hands exactly where the need to be. Apparently if you keep your arms over the steering wheel, you risk losing fingers and serious injury to your body if the airbag deploys. I had no clue (never had an airbag deploy-knock on wood.)

2. Move your side mirrors so that you don’t see any of your car in the mirror. Sounds crazy, but I promise your peripheral vision will allow you to see everything you need.

3. Studies show that using a cell phone while driving is no different than drinking and driving. Both impair your reaction and focus.

My other favorite part of this class? Driving this car below. The instructor had control of the rear tires-so it felt like you were losing control of the car. This has always been a huge fear for me (we don’t exactly have a ton of ice in Atlanta). Key point: Have the wheel follow your eyes (where you want to go) and don’t turn the wheel-just hold it towards the direction. Not sure if that makes sense-but hopefully it does.

old school dodge neon. reminds me of my days at enterprise rent a car!

P and I are in Huntsville, Alabama for the weekend. We are running the Huntsville 1/2 Marathon. This will be my 11th 1/2 marathon for the year-and it’s TINY. Less than a 1,000 runners. Very much a no frills race. P and I are running with his brother, M. This will be M’s first 1/2 marathon!  Pasta dinner at M’s house tonight and race tomorrow. Same goal as last time-if I can pull out another sub 1:50 I’ll be pretty happy. If not, no big deal. Just continuing to build my base.

I’m leaving it at that for the week. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Any big plans this weekend? Racing? Have you ever taken an optional drivers class like this? 


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