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I spent my week running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I literally went non stop from morning until night, every single day, until Friday. Friday night-I collapsed. I vegged out on the couch for hours. I finally caught up on blogs and some of my Tivo from the past 3 weeks. It was glorious.

Highlights of the week:

1. I completed my first full week of training with my new coach. Added in a day of running but no pace times or speed work for this particular week. Just building that base. I noticed a little bit more ankle pain after my friday morning 12 mile run with my friend Jessica. I think the craziness of the week and my lack of stretching didn’t help. A total of 26 miles and several days of cross training though-so that is quite nice (even with some ankle soreness).

Friday morning runs. Kinda nice to knock out the long mileage!

2. Several packages arrived in the mail:

Always nice to restock on my favorite hydration.  A free pint glass doesn’t hurt either.

NUUN all day, kona kola, new flavor assorted and lemon lime!

I love my new shirt from competitor for Rock n Roll New Orleans. Obviously for me, maintaining my current half marathon base is key and seeing what Coach Jess has planned for me is unknown. I would love for you to join me though! Use code RockNola4 for $10 off your registration!

love soft cotton tees

I’m also excited to try out Premier Protein. Have any of you tried it?

it was wrapped all pretty 🙂 Bars and shakes to try…

3. I signed up for several holiday exchanges and virtual races this week too.  Kim is doing her card exchange (which I really enjoyed last year).  Michele, NYC Running Mama, is also holding a virtual race on December 8th to raise money for those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. The prizes are AWESOME. I hate to add more competition, but the cause is so good, that would be selfish of me not to share :).

 Favorite thing to get in the mail? Are you signing up for any holiday challenges/exchanges/virtual races?

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