There aren’t enough words to describe my emotions lately. Humbled, grateful, lucky, loved come to mind. I never, ever, in a million years expected this story to touch so many people or get so big. I simply wanted to share what happened and to make sure my running friends in Mobile knew to be on the lookout, and for the rest of the running community to realize just how easy something like this can happen.

So. THANK YOU. For all of your kind words, texts, phone calls, emails, facebook messages, tweets, Retweets of the store and shares on Facebook. You will never know how much all of it meant to me. This is really one amazing community. Well, minus the one A-hole whose comment I didn’t allow on here that said “It’s just your boobs” with a fake email address attached to it. Yes, it was just my boobs. Except they are mine. They belong to no one else. It could’ve been worse, and it wasn’t. IT WAS STILL AN ATTACK AND A VIOLATION.  None of me was his to touch, grab, fondle, etc. DON’T EVER, EVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE.

Several news stations called and one of the features is this one below.  One thing that was left out was a question about my surroundings. I didn’t realize it until he asked, but I could describe the other runners I saw, cars that drove by, and people in their yards. I was paying attention, and that made me feel good.

Assault victim shook up, but will keep running

I was thrilled when I received the call today that I would need to do a photo identification of a possible suspect. When the US Marshall arrived at my house I was anxious, nervous, and somewhat sick to my stomach.  I have never done a line up thing before and wasn’t sure I would feel confident in my identifying, but turns out, your gut is right. I apparently identified the guy they already had in custody.

The news broke the story and apparently the a-hole has a car like the other witness described. He will be charged with 3 counts of sexual abuse (because of other other victims) and I will have to go home to testify. I never thought that I would be like one of my fav shows, Law and Order SVU.  All still so surreal to me.

I DID go on my run today. I had my ifitness belt with my phone in it. And, I used my inhaler pre-run and put my mace where my inhaler usually goes.  My head was on a swivel and adrenaline pumping, but I felt great. I wanted to yell at everyone to take their earbuds out and pay attention.

I also wanted to remind everyone, if you don’t have one already, get a ROAD ID or Go Sports ID. I forgot that tip in my list the other day.

Two funny things from this whole thing. And come on, I gotta find a funny. I need it.

1. Dude actually has pretty solid running form. He doesn’t deserve another picture on my blog, but feel free to go look at it.

2. The news stations called me a jogger. I had two friends notice and say, “pretty sure you aren’t a jogger.” 🙂 Exactly. I’m a runner. Who was running sub 9 minute pace when that POS caught me. I love that both of them noticed it. I originally didn’t (obviously not a real concern) but we runners are very touchy on the runner vs. jogger subject.

I want to give another huge thank you and shout out to the news stations and the Mobile Police Department for all of their help. Not sure we would’ve caught this guy or had others come forward without your help. I’m also very lucky that I happened to be in a neighborhood with security cameras.

Enough with the drama. I’m tired. I’ll be back with a really happy *PR* post from my 5K soon. There was some good in the Thanksgiving trip home.

Again, thank you for your support. Like I said on Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for this fabulous blogger/running community. Virtual hugs.


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  • Ok I so glad that a$$ is off the streets. Its crazy he lived right by the park. UGH! Well on to the FUN stuff, your amazing PR at the Turkey Trot. You were finished and I still had a freaking mile to go, lol! HEEHEE, Love ya!

  • e! so glad they caught the guy and darlin’ i hope that’s the closest you ever get to l&o svu. now if they make the story ‘ripped from the headlines’ you know laura and i are trying to get on the show as extras :-).

    take care, stride strong. jenny

  • Lizzy- I am so thankful you Are ok And that you are not going to let something like this stop you from doing what you love.

  • This is AMAZING news. So happy to hear he was caught. I admire your will to not allow him to take your love or running away. He doesn’t deserve that power!

  • So good to hear that he is caught! Thank you for sharing your story. I was getting very lazy and had stopped bringing my pepper spray with me. We are so glad you are ok.

  • I can’t tell you how impressed I am with how you handled this situation. Your immediate response was to help others. I have shared your story/blog with all my friends and family, and they have shared it with theirs. I’m sorry this happened to you, but I truly believe you’ve prevented others from happening.


  • I am so glad they caught that creepy guy! And, for the fact that you got back out there and ran!
    I think that Owen said it pefectly…. you are handling it very well and sharing it with others is going to help prevent it from happening to someone else.

    Have a great day girl!

  • Thank you for sharing your story with us and creating awareness within the running community. It could have happened to any of us! Good for you for not letting it stop you from running. I hope you join a running group or some runner friends in your neighborhood soon, I have been training with one for years and I love it! It helps you stay accountable and you make lifelong friendships. Can’t wait to hear about the 5K PR!! 🙂

  • ((hugs)) from one RUNNER to another. Thank you for your story and for your bravery. Your tips on running out and about really hit home with me and I will be sure to be extra cautious on those long, fairly isolated runs. Take care and best of luck on your racing. Gotta love the bling!

  • Not gonna lie, I DID notice that he had good running form. Pissed me off though. So glad they caught this sick individual. I pray that he never, ever gets to touch ANY other woman ever again. xoxo

  • Yahoo! So glad he is off the streets, thanks to you. You did a brave and big thing by playing a role in following up–not everyone would.

    I am also glad you got back out and ran. Good for you. I’d guess each time it will get easier.

    Sending you a hug and a high five!

  • Thank you for raising awareness. You’ve got me thinking on this subject. I always run in the daylight in place where other people are nearby, but apparently, that’s not enough.

  • Great news that they caught him. What a relief! Sorry that you have to go through the ordeal of testifying, but I am so thankful that you are okay and that he is going to pay for what he did to you.
    I had to laugh at your comment of jogger vs runner. I get so annoyed when people ask me how my jog went. Really? I do not jog. Some people. 🙂
    Can’t wait for your 5K recap pretty lady.

  • I just caught up on everything that happend. I’m so sorry Elizabeth. I feel sick about it. No one should ever have to worry about being assaulted while running (or ever!!). And that sicko who said “it’s just your boobs” is an idiot. I’m so glad you are okay, am impressed by your attitude and your courage to go public with this, and am very grateful they caught the pervert.

    And yes, you are a runner. Keep your head up and keep running strong. xo

  • A couple of things…his running form caught my eye and pissed me off to no end. Also…the “jogger” reference made me laugh and the last two posts are all I’ve read of yours…but come on, joggers don’t jog 10 miles training for a marathon, do they?

    On a more serious note…I always run alone. I never carry mace. I don’t own a road ID. I don’t carry my phone unless I’m somewhere completely new. Thank you for the reminder I needed. I’m glad this guy was caught…no telling what he would have done to the next victim. Jennifer Ewing’s murderer started out this way, too. Being from ATL, I’m guessing you know the story…she was killed while on a training ride on the Silver Comet Trail. After I read about that story I made sure I ran with friends (most of the time), but it gets hard to coordinate time, paces, distances…it’s so much “easier” to just head out the door whenever I feel like it. Although I probably won’t run with friends, I can at least have a Road ID and phone handy…maybe some mace or a small gun!

    I’m really glad you’re okay…and that you still got your 10 in for the day! 🙂

  • So thankful that he was caught! I can’t believe that person said that to you. No one has a right to touch, grab, violate no matter what. Without your help this guy would have never been caught and his behavior would have escalated. You have done so much good by posting this!

  • So thankful that he was caught! I was absolutely shocked when I heard about this. Your positive attitude and your bravery are truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story and raising awareness.

  • I’m so glad they caught him! I can’t imagine how scary it was, but I’m glad you’re OK. It’s pretty fantastic that you’re using this experience as an opportunity to help others.

  • So, so, so thankful nothing worse happened and that they caught the guy! What a relief. I choked up pretty serious listening to your interview and when I heard your voice crack a bit. heart goes out to you but you’re doing great!!! I’m so thankful you shared this story with us, just wish it hadn’t happened to begin with!

  • I am so so sorry for what happened to you. That is such awful situation, but I am so glad that they caught him and he will be punished for what he did. You are so strong and inspirational to us all!
    On another note, I lived in Mobile when I was younger too and, reading your story, I knew exactly which area you were in.
    I hope that you are doing better…just remember you are so brave and an amazing RUNNER!

  • Oh what a relief! Great work Elizabeth. I’m sure it’s a relief to the other two women and to others who “jog” in the area. I wonder what the punishment is/will be?

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