The Weekend Rewind

1. I ran this weekend!!  If you follow me on instagram, or twitter then you already know. I ran 6 miles OUTSIDE! I think some people were a bit worried that I overdid it. I promise, I was following PT’s orders. She said I could try outside. I was told to find even ground and go as long as I could/wanted to.  She knows I have goals, but she also would not allow me to jeopordize how far I have come.

I ran all of my miles with P.  We drove to Piedmont Park so that I could be on even ground the entire time (no pot holes or cracked sidewalks-that is a big issue in my neighborhood) and looped the park twice.  I stopped at 6 miles to be safe. To be honest, my foot was hurting. NOT my ankle. The brace I have hurts-it literally bruises the bottom of my foot. I’m hoping for a solution at PT tomorrow and I’m hoping it’s not another brace (already $80 in for 2 different braces).

a cloudy day at Piedmont Park

I felt great. If it wasn’t for the brace, I think I could’ve run for hours. Which is what I have to do next weekend. More on that later this week.

I hate the brace. Rocking my thorlos & mizunos!

2. The big thing I couldn’t say about my weekend plans on Friday was my bro-in-law’s surprise birthday party! Happy 30th Birthday Chris.  My sister did a great job and I really think he was surprised. I failed at taking any pictures after the surprise. Oops. Just know the food was fabulous and so was the company.

The bakery made him a little cake just for candles 🙂


3. I love Fall TV. I’m almost embarrassed to admit exactly how many shows I watch, but Sundays are looking like the best tv of the week-Dexter, Homeland and Revenge! I do love Grey’s, Private Practice, Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl too. So maybe the list isn’t too bad, right?

4. I came down with a stomach bug today. It seriously sucked. P is out of town for the week and I live alone and wasn’t prepared at all. I couldn’t keep a thing down all day. My sweet sister went to the store after work and brought me soup and crackers. Thank God for her and for lemon lime NUUN. I’m currently living off of it and the soup. Lesson learned-always keep chicken noodle soup in the pantry.

Love surprises or hate them? Favorite fall show? What’s your go to food/drink when your sick?

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