The Infamous Ankle

I’m not sure where I left off with the ankle and what’s been going on with my running. At the beginning of the injury, I was very determined to get back to it quick. I followed my PT’s orders to a T. My mini goal was to be able to run the races on my schedule. I wanted to keep up with my training.

Honestly, I’m not sure what I was expecting pain wise. After the Atlanta 13.1 I felt okay. Not great, not bad. The pain was from the brace being too tight (PT and my conclusion). PT’s instructions were take more time off. So I spent last week a little frustrated because I felt like I was stepping back.

I was allowed to do a short run and I chose to head to the new Atlanta Beltline. I’m a big fan. I only ran 2 miles-again, wasn’t great, wasn’t terrible.

lots to see along the way

I called my massage/chiropractors office because they have the Alter G.

It wasn’t cheap-but it was worth it.

treadmill with space machine 🙂

To explain how it works:

You basically step into compression shorts with a zipper attached. Step onto the treadmill and zip yourself in.

tiny compression-like shorts
zip into the open hole

Turn the machine on, and let it calibrate your weight.  You feel like you are blowing up a little bit.

You are then able to adjust how much body weight you want to use.  The chiro recommended for me to start at 80% and run for 30 minutes.

It was great! Pain free running! I went back again this past Monday and I ran around 5.5 miles and was able to pick up the pace a bit.  The machine is quite smart too-I was hoping to burn tons of calories after my weekend of no running and just eating, but you burn less because you use less effort (obviously).

I have been dying to get outside again and run.  The weather has been great and I have the Runners World 1/2 marathon this weekend.  Luckily, I made plans a few weeks ago to meet up with #NUUNHTC teammate Megan, who was in town for work.

Me and Megan post run

We did a 5 mile loop at Chastain Park this morning. No ankle pain, more brace pain (and crappy lungs and dead legs to be honest) but it was great to get to catch up with her. I love internet running friends!

I will have a group run Friday morning with Runners World and the PT suggested going without the brace to see how it does. If I’m okay-attempt the 1/2 without it. She’s concerned that the brace is constricting too much and could end up causing a fracture or something along those lines. So we will see.

That’s where I stand. Still no real “plan”for running. Each week is a just “see how it feels week”. I am hoping for a decent 1/2 marathon this weekend-very similar goals to 13.1. Do my best, finish, etc. If I can pull out a sub 2 again that would be great-but I am not getting my hopes up.

I miss being able to actually loosen up and let go on my runs. I am mentally struggling with getting past the injury, trusting my rehab, and getting to the point where running was REALLY fun.  I hate concentrating on my ankle. Crossing my fingers for a successful running weekend!

If you’ve been injured-how did you overcome the mental challenge of getting back into it? Trusting your body again?  

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  • I’ve delt with 3 injuries this year:
    1) Nerve compression due to too tight shoes
    2) Sciatic Nerve issue
    3) Sprained Ankle from Chicago Marathon
    The first 2 I had no idea what to expect and really nothing I could do. Luckly with rest and stretching they healed. This third one Im taking a total rest approach and the Dr has it isolated in a walking boot. Im seeing major improvement. It is killing me not to run now though! Im technically still recovering from my marathon, but really want to get back into it. Going to try to do what I can and maybe experiment a bit with weights. I also got an eliptical to start to use in addition to my running.
    Thanks for bringing up the AlterG. A place not far from here has one and perhaps if Im not back running next week I might give it a try!
    Hope you have a great running weekend too!

  • I have a HUGE mental block right now trying to make my comeback. It sucks. Every little “pain” sets me over the edge and then I self doubting myself. I just want to be healthy and be able to run. I wouldn’t think that was too much to ask for. I should trust myself more, but it is so hard to just relax. My coach keeps telling me to be patient, but sorry dude. I have been pretty freaking patient since April. Seriously. Patience is wearing thin….very thin.
    Hopefully running without your brace tomorrow will help. Have fun on your trip!

  • I really hope you can run with any worry very soon. I know what you mean with running and not being able to let go. I currently have a minor pain on my left achilles tendon and sometimes I don’t know if I feel pain or not. I’m just soo focused on it, that I forgot to just run.

  • Have a great time running the Runner’s World Half! Sorry the ankle continues to be frustrating for you. Hopefully this weekend running without the brace will feel better than running with the brace has.

  • It helped me to let go of the “where I was” comparisons. I am where I am NOW. And how I am is FINE. As Tony Horton says, “Just do your best and leave the rest.” That means be good to your body! I am so glad you get to do some running…THAT is HUGE 🙂

  • You ask a great question: one I have no answers for! Sitting here on the injured list, looking at all the amazing races I have on my schedule, and getting really ticked off every time I try to run and the pain comes back. I’m doing a half marathon in 2 weeks and am probably going to walk most of it. I’m not happy about it least I’ll be doing it. I guess things could be worse, right?

  • I totally feel you on this one. It’s so hard when you are getting back in because you feel like any step on a run could be the fatal, bring-back-the-injury step. Starting small helped me get back into things. And if I felt sore after a run, I’d give extra rest time. My foot that was injured feels pretty good after a few weeks of taking it easy. And I was able to complete a half this weekend that was only a minute off my PR, so I felt good about that. It just stinks to feel like you are sitting around and wasting hard work. Hope the half went ok for you this weekend.

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