The 1/2 Road Ahead

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I had a goal to run 12 half marathons in 2012. After my ankle sprain, I wasn’t sure this would be an option, but after this past weekend’s somewhat success, I think I will be okay.

Here is what I have coming in 2012 AND 2013!

RW 1/2 Marathon (PA)

Next weekend I will have another running experience of a lifetime. I will also get to see Katie, Jess, and Laura again as well as meet a ton of new bloggers. I’m pretty excited. Oh, and I will check off another state.  If you want to join me, use code BLOGGER4 for 10% off.

Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon (October 27th, Atlanta)

I LOVE holidays. So any excuse to get to dress up and run is a good time to me. This race was only $40 and isn’t far from my house. I know the area, and it will be HILLY. It’s the first annual race but it should be fun.

Huntsville 1/2 Marathon (November 10th, AL)

This will be my third half in Alabama-but we are heading to P’s hometown to run in this small race with his brother, M. It will be M’s first 1/2 marathon. He’s really fast-and I am expecting a 1:40ish race for his first half. This race was also cheap. Only $26 I think?  I’ll get to see Suzanne for the 3rd or 4th time this year too.

Suzanne and me at the Cotton Row 10K in Huntsville Memorial Day Weekend

Kiawah 1/2 Marathon (December 8th, SC)

I haven’t mentioned this one yet, but I am SOOO excited about this. I had a chance to visit Kiawah last year for work and had heard good things about this race and it’s been on my bucket list since I started running. The medal is glass-that’s enough reason to run for me. 🙂 The other big exciting news on this one? I’m running it with Corey-my partner in crime from HTC.  Can’t wait to hang out with her!


The Mississippi Blues 1/2 Marathon (January 5th, MS)

This bling kinda says it all.  I’ve heard nothing but fabulous things about this race, and I know it will be hilly, but I am okay with that.  I will be reuniting with Kim again to check MS off the list. It’s a Saturday race and we are making a quick trip out of it.

look at the size compared to the shades!

3M Austin 1/2 Marathon (January 13th, TX)

I really wanted to run the Austin 1/2 in February but my niece/nephew will be arriving around that time so I bumped my race plans up. It really doesn’t matter to me which race I run, as long as it is in Austin. I get to spend the weekend with my old roomie, Katie! I’m excited about a weekend in TX. My last trip there was 2 years ago for my 30th birthday. I’ve heard that the 3M is a better race than the Austin 1/2 anyway. I will hopefully get to see Tricia and Jennifer too!

Rock n Roll New Orleans 1/2 Marathon (February 24th, LA)

Yes. Repeating this race for the 4th year. I LOVE IT. No, it is not my hometown. But it is close and my family usually makes a weekend of it.  Not to mention, it’s the perfect PR race course and the coolest city ever.  If you need to check LA off your states list or just want a really fun weekend away, this is your race. I will share more about this race as it gets closer but for now, that I can share a discount with you if you register: ROCKNOLA4 

Chris, Allison, P and Me at the finish this past year

Publix Georgia 1/2 Marathon (March 17th, Atlanta)

This will also be my 4th time running this race. This was my very first 1/2 marathon (it was ING sponsored then) and I hold it near and dear to my heart. The course is close to my house, challenging and fun, and a great way to see Atlanta. Kim is already coming to join me (We signed up on the blitz day the week after the marathon-$25 for me and I think $40 for her) and anyone else that wants to visit is welcome too!

2012 shirt and medal

So there you have it. What half marathons are on the calendar so far. These are leading up to a marathon (I will share more soon) and I don’t plan on adding any other races to this list until after said marathon occurs (I hope. Holding yall to not letting me get race registration happy).

I also have no idea what the future holds for me as far as my racing speed and my goals. I spent this year “having fun” and now recovering from injury. I really hope that I will be able to push myself harder by December. Only time will tell.

Will you be joining me on any of these races?? Any on your bucket list??

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  • I’m registered for the Lady Speed Stick Half in StPete, FL on 11/18. I decided to test a longer race before I jump straight into the WDW Marathon in January. I will also be running the Princess half in February. Depending how my racing goes, I’d like to add the Publix GA Half also….keep it close to home! I also am considering the Santa Half in Lawrenceville on 12/23.

  • It’s not real until it”s Running for Bling real? Hehe, I’m 90% in for MS–so excited! I wish I could do NOLA again. Definitely one of the best cities and races evah. You are so lucky to go back again.

  • You have so many exciting races coming up!!! I am WAY WAY WAY jealous. I want to do all of those! I’m especially jealous of Kiawah – I want to hang out with you and Corey again!!

  • I think you should come run the Oakland Running Festival half in the end of March. The bling probably sucks, but I will make you a special trophy if you come stay at my house 🙂

  • Oh my gosh girl, so many awesome races! I wish I had the vacation time and money to travel as much as I would like to! I REALLY REALLY want to run the 3M half, it’s on the day of my birthday and it seems like an amazing course!

    It’s not completely out of the question, but no solid plans as of yet!

  • Goodness girl, you’ve already got several races lined up for the rest of the year and for 2013. Mississippi is on my 2014 list but I really wanted to run it in 2013. I have yet to register for anything in 2013 but I know once I register for one the rest will quickly follow!

    I’m excited to see you guys for Huntsville Half. It’s going to be Allan’s first half and he will probably be super speedy in comparison to me. I’m hoping he will fall in love with half marathons after this race and then I can register both of us for some fun half marathons for 2013!

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