September Recap

Miles Planned/Actual: 0/15.5 I didn’t expect to run at all this month. The PT has been awesome with my therapy and had me running sooner than expected. I included the underwater treadmill in my running, because it was running!

rockin’ it, I know.

Cross Training Planned/Actual: 0/21. cross trainings. very impressive. It was lots of elliptical and pilates. I went over my class limit at the pilates studio-which is a good thing! I’m glad I could do something and keep up my fitness.

Races Planned/Actual: 0/0

PR’s: um, least amount of miles for a month?

New to Me Cross Training: 1/1 New pilates classes and water running.

the magic circle, weights, and theraband in pilates class

Challenges Completed: 0/0 Didn’t plan on doing any this month

Current Aches/Pains: the ankle. it’s feeling better. I may have over done it a bit this weekend. But leaps and bounds better than a month ago. No boot and only the brace when I am running outside.

Current Book: yep. Let that slip right by. Goal is to download Gone Girl and a few others that Lisa and Kim have mentioned. I need to get back to reading-I did catch up on the magazines though!

Current Obsession: getting better. the Fall-I LOVE all things Fall. Anything pumpkin flavored. My new boots.

my “I can’t run and have to wear flats” treat

Current Drink: Lemon Lime and Kona Kola Nuun. Along with Martini’s and fall beer.

Current Like: that I can run. (but see below).

Current Dislike: being injured. I’m over it. I want the old running me back.

Current Treat: Always Yoforia! And rumor has it pumpkin is back-mix that with cheesecake and top with graham crackers and you have awesomeness in a cup.

Current Excitement: my birthday month! a road trip with P, and the RW 1/2 marathon trip!

 How was your September? Anything big planned for October? What’s your favorite yogurt combo??

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