Happy Halloween Y’all

I live in a condo, so no trick or treaters. I don’t have kids, so no one to dress up and take pictures of. But I love Halloween. The Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon this past weekend helped fill the void of getting older and not really having a reason to celebrate and dress up. Sure there are adult parties here but they are way to young for me and are more of a sluts-r-us type of thing.  The one really good thing? My neighborhood gets really into Halloween.

Add their decorations to the first actual run up and down some of my favorite streets since the ankle sprain and I was in runner, fall weather, Halloween heaven. I thought I would share some with you, so you could enjoy my run and my ‘hood.

fav house in the neighborhood. Christmas is usually as extreme. Far away view…
a pic doesn’t do this one justice. OBSESSED with their decor!
another close up-the spider with the green eyes moves
not sure you can see it, but a HUGE spider web is taking over the driveway. Love the skull lights too.
another 2 pic house because they had so much stuff
if i was a kid trick-or-treating, i would be scared!
spiders and pumpkins, everywhere!
spiders must be the thing this year. notice HUGE one on left side.
spider on the roof

As I was enjoying the Fall weather and festivities, I stumbled on the picture below. A freaking Christmas Tree place starting to setup. Seriously. FYI-you buy a tree November 1st, it will die. Fool.

and what better way to end a HALLOWEEN run- the setups for CHRISTMAS TREES.

Back onto my street for one more and put me back in the correct holiday spirit.

love the lanterns!

The run was great-it felt good to get back on the streets I’m used to running.

Do you get into the Halloween spirit? Did you dress up? Decorate your house? What are you thoughts on Christmas intruding into Fall?

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  • I loooove Halloween! It’s my favorite because you get to act a little crazier than normal with dressing up and eating tons of candy. We have a pumpkin carving party every year, and last night I took my kids out to Boo people, which means we leave treats on their door and run. It’s so fun!

  • HA – It will die – fool! That cracked me up and you are completely right! Your neighborhood is GREAT for the decorations. Glad to see you are running well and fueling your passion again, hope the ankle continues to feel great!

  • I LOVE all the Halloween decorations too, but I am not going to lie, when I was running yesterday morning (in the dark) I saw a skeleton hanging from a tree and about shit my pants. I jumped and scared poor Walter to death too! heehee

  • It looks like you live in a super fun neighborhood. The first house looks exactly my mother in law’s house in Spokane. She even decorates it for Halloween & Christmas like that house. Very weird!!!! I didn’t decorate this year and now I feel kind of guilty about it. Next year I will have to really decorate to make up for my lameness this year.
    I am wondering how many trick or treaters we will get. Our house doesn’t have a sidewalk or street light in front of it so we usually don’t get a lot of munchkins. This year my husband will have to hand out candy because I will be at Farmgirlfit getting my sweat on. 🙂
    The thought of Christmas trees freaks me out. We never get our tree until about a week before Christmas. I think that holiday decorations come out earlier and earlier every year. Drives me bonkers!

  • Love all those houses. We only have a few houses in our area that go all out for Halloween. Trick or treating got postponed until Sunday so my kids have to wait another few days to head out for candy.

  • Whoa- cool decorations. 🙂 We didn’t even carve pumpkins, but I dressed the boys up. Christmas tree? Already? That is just NOT okay.
    I want to hang out. Can you come visit please?

  • Wow – that house is impressive! Something to aspire to? Things have been so busy, I didn’t get any decorations up this year. Very sad. At least we had pumpkins. I love trick or treating though I’m already eating too much of little guy’s candy.

  • What an awesome neighborhood! I want to live there! I have always loved Halloween. I love taking the kids trick or treating and helping them come up with ideas or implement those ideas for costumes. Or just enjoy whatever craziness they come up with on their own! We did decorate our house. Kind of lame though 🙁 Our old house was really fun to decorate and I would do a big job on it. This house is less inspiring. Love your description of the adult parties 😉

  • I didn’t do anything for Halloween. So incredibly boring! My parents would sometimes get a tree in November (we would just chop one of our own trees down, so it didn’t cost anything) and then when it died put up a new one. Crazy, but it’s fine if you can do it!

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