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1. I told yall my race was tough. Holy terrible pics. At least I can fake it at the post-race picture.

started out looking cute in my arm sleeves, lulu skirt and shirt, swiftwick compression, #runchat, and NUUN tattoos
holy bad posture and look of death. Is my face really that saggy?? I promise I’m only 32. EEW.
AND, fake it till you make it.

2. I have a local half marathon on Saturday. The Monster Dash. To say I’m a little freaked out by this race is an understatement. It’s the first annual one in Atlanta. They changed the course yesterday. YES. YESTERDAY. It went from a really cool loop around the city to a double loop of crap. Should be interesting. At least my costume rocks. You didn’t actually think I’d share with you yet, did you? :):)

I have no serious goals for this race. This upper respiratory crap is not a whole lot of fun with asthma so I am winging it. A sub 2 would be great. A sub 1:50 would be insanity. But again, who knows how I will feel. I’ve been on meds since Tuesday, so hopefully by Saturday morning this crap will be out of my lungs.

3. I LOVE Halloween (see above). But I have found the older you get, the harder it is to find an appropriate party to go to. So, I dressed up my NUUN tubes instead (they are having a fun contest). It’s a play off of my NUUNHTC video, and I would love your vote. You can vote every day if you would like.

They all felt left out of the Grape love.

4. I don’t know how I forgot to share this, but I was featured in Atlanta’s InTown Paper this month (on page 16 if you want to read). They did a feature on health enthusiasts/runners with goals and I talked about my 50 state and 12 in 2012 goals. They definitely cut out some of my interview (that included a lot of good plugs for Team in Training) but it was still cool to be featured.

I’m Atlanta famous, y’all!

5. It pays to be generous. I donated to Becca’s fundraiser and ended up winning 3 things from the raffle! It’s my first pair of PRO Compression socks, first pair of INK N BURN arm sleeves, and another fabulous TeamSparkle skirt and leg sleeves. Pretty awesome. I definitely got way more back than what my donation was.


6. Me and P are headed to Auburn for the game after my race. I WILL NOT be a fair weather fan.  Auburn might suck this year (to put it nicely) but I will go enjoy one of my favorite places in the South. War Eagle.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL THOSE RACING THIS WEEKEND! Especially anyone up North with this crazy hurricane!

What are you going to be for Halloween? Are you racing this weekend? Did you enter the NUUN contest? First annual races-skip em or participate? 

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  • so happy you won cool stuff. Now that i see the sleeves, I want a pair…

    And thanks again for the donation.

    (Yep, cutest Nuun ever).

  • omgsh, what an amaaaazing costume! 🙂

    Real-time race pictures, some can turn out absolutely terrible, can’t they?? My last ones were awful!

    Great job on your last 1/2 marathon btw!

  • Love your creativity chica- your Nuun tubes look awesome. I have seen some good ones out there, but I like yours the best. I will be voting for you.

    Um, I know you thought your race photos were bad from last weekend. but have you ever seen some of mine???!!!! Oh dear. I have some pretty bad ones!

    Good luck today in your race! I have to go get ready for mine. It’s just a 5K and considering it hurts to breath from sucking in cold air last night and my legs are dead from deadlifts…it could be interesting 3.1!

  • I love your Nuun costume, you are so funny. I loved your race outfit. I always have dinosaur arms at the end of my race, it is terrible. I was trying to hard not to do it at RW but it didn’t work. I can’t wait to see your costume, hopefully your race went well.

  • I am not sure what is worse…bad pictures or no pictures. Sometimes it might just be better to imagine that I looked really cool when I was racing, than to have it proven to me that I absolutely didn’t 🙂

  • Funny you mention first annual races. I’ve kinda gravitated towards them (as long as they have a medal of course- I can’t see paying to race when I don’t wear the shirts). I like the idea of supporting new 5k races in the community- I want them to succeed. Also, sometimes they have the world inaugural on the medals which makes it even more special [especially after then if they don’t put years on the medals].

    I wish all races were post pictures of their current medal they are awarding during sign-up to the race. The year after I did my 1/2 marathon in fort lauderdale/A1A- they had a turtle medal (love love love turtles because I am one) and I am so sad I didn’t do that race now… and would have just because of the medal.

  • First off I love the rainbow arm sleeves. Love! Congrats on winning some more awesome sleeves (and a million other things). And War Eagle! I like rooting for the underdogs. Alabama’s too obvious of a team to root for right now.:)

    Oh, and I voted! Good luck!

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