a food and booze marathon weekend

I spent my birthday weekend participating in a very different kind of marathon. A food and booze marathon. It seems like it didn’t stop from Thursday until Monday night.

Thursday P took me to a very fancy, fabulous birthday dinner at Bacchanalia. This is a 5 course menu place-you get 5 courses (each course has 5 or 6 options to choose from too) with chef’s additions between the actual course. Highlights include foie gras, NY strip, and cheese plates. This meal goes into my top 5 ever list.

a bottle of bubbles (from our Napa trip) before dinner
the heavenly menu

Friday was my mom’s birthday and she happened to be in town this year. So I took her to brunch.

Me and mom at West Egg.

Me and P went with another couple to the Auburn game in Oxford, MS (for non-SEC football fans this is where Ole Miss is). It was quite the road trip.  Did you know minivans were actually kinda awesome? We didn’t drive (obviously) and were able to enjoy the ride and plenty of snacks.

Apparently Oxford, MS doesn’t have a lot of dinner options and college kids hang out downtown early at night (when I was in school, bars were late night-not early night) and we couldn’t get dinner anywhere. Pizza at a bar, with who knows how many beers, was our option.

Saturday was the big game. We were up at 6:30 and planned to be near the stadium by 8:30. Bloody Mary’s at 8:30. Beer by 9:30.

Starting our day at Tiger Walk
My fav tiger, Aubie.
Coach Chizik, who probably won’t be around much longer, due to his inability to lead a football team to a victory.

After Tiger Walk, we headed to the Grove to tailgate. These tailgates were amazing. I’ve heard about the Grove and the awesome that comes along with it, but picture etsy like custom decor, chandeliers, and amazing tailgate food. Plus more beers.

party, after party, after party.

Game time, we had awesome seats, my Tigers suck really bad, but Crown and Sprite does not.

perfect seats, terrible game.

Post game, more Grove, downtown, and beer.

forget the fancy dresses, this was my favorite shirt from the weekend.

Which led to the infamous Oxford, MS chicken on a stick. I have to admit, it was actually good.

sober, it may not be great….

Dinner options were like Friday night and we ended up having cheap mexican. It hit the spot. My last drink of the actual birthday was a tequila shot.  12-13 of hours of solid booze and we were all passed out before 10pm. Good work, peeps, good work.

kinda sums up the day/night.

We drove back Sunday and Monday night was my birthday dinner with my girlfriends. The Optimist has had amazing reviews and I had to try it. Oysters (app), shrimp (app), scallops (main), and then a flour-less chocolate cake.

me and the girls
my only birthday candle from all the celebrating. Don’t know how that happened!

It was a good night. So what does this tell you??  Yes, I love food and booze. My waistline, however, does not. So this marathon of eating/drinking crap must stop. And I know, it was a celebration and this type of cheating is totally normal and fun. But I know me, once I start, I lose self control. So, back to better eating. It’s hard during football season and traveling but I am going to have a goal of 1 sweet a week, limit the booze for a bit, and lay off the fried food again. Gotta get better.

I will say though, it was all worth it.  32 started out quite nicely.

Do you watch what you eat even when celebrating or throw all caution to the wind? Have you been to a tailgate in the South? Favorite birthday celebration? Would you eat chicken on a stick?


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  • The chicken on a stick looks very interesting. I would also agree that it might not be as great sober. 😉
    Glad that you had such a fun weekend though. I tend to not watch what I eat so much on the weekends. I probably should, but when their is tailgating involved how can you count calories? It would be unethical!

  • HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 2 of my last 3 birthdays were on cruises, and yes, I was drinking.

    Chicken on a stick? Probably not.

    The giant sombrero picture cracks me up.

  • What a great birthday! I have always wanted to go to the Grove for a tailgate, too bad I don’t think GT will ever play them. I can’t believe that it was 2 years ago that we celebrated your 30th…def does not seem like that long! This sounds like my kind of weekend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  • Dang, girl, you make your Mama proud with all the food and booze talk!! Brunch was awesome (the leftovers were, too-TYVM) then Nicola’s and bellydancing Friday night…it just doesn’t get any better than being with my baby girls (and Chris and Titan and my 22 wk in-utero grandangel!!)
    (And, yes, I AM her birth mother. See the resemblance, now??) 🙂

  • AWESOMENESS. So glad you had a 5-course meal for your birthday that ranked in your top 5 list! When it comes to birthday weekends, good to go all out and get back on track later. But wasn’t the highlight really the bday song serenade?

  • Sorry, I got the giggles when I read about Chizick not being around because of his “inability to lead a football team to victory.” It was just the way you put it, I swear.

    Weird that Ole Miss kids go out so early. “Early” for us was before 11:00.

    Your dinner looked awesome. Maybe I’ll take Jonathan there the next time I’m in Atlanta!

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Your birthday weekend is only once a year and it sounds like you lived it up! Don’t worry about the extra food and drinks-I’m sure you didn’t gain an ounce. Too bad Auburn didn’t win and I’m afraid this weekend against Vandy doesn’t look promising either. There’s nothing like tailgating for an SEC game! Glad you guys enjoyed The Grove at Ole Miss.

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