The 80s, Pilates, and Cross Training

I missed a New to Me Cross Training for the month of August because of this super fun injury. I am still on a very limited workout schedule-it includes pilates, water running, elliptical, and bike. I got the okay to add TRX and yoga back into my regemine today, but to be safe, I scheduled a few new types of pilates classes last week.  And, I am counting the underwater running as a new to me as well. Yes it is running, but I can assure you I would have never tried it unless the PT offered/suggested it.

Back to pilates. I’ve definitely made a TON of progress since my first New To Me Pilates class back in February. I have moved up to Mat 1-2 and still really enjoy my one on one classes with Laura. Mat 1 is still a nice workout, it just moves slower than I would like and the studio doesn’t offer as many Mat 1-2 classes.  So last Monday I signed up for Pilates Flow. I didn’t know what to expect, the blurb on the signup website said it was a fast moving class to get your heart rate up. Exactly what I needed.

Do you remember the game telephone? Where you would say something in someones ear, add to it, repeat? That was this class. But obviously no whispers and no sleepovers required.  We started with the 100s, then 100s plus rollups, then 100s plus rollups, plus leg pulls, etc. I thought I would love it.  Not so much.  If I had to hear the counts, or repeat the 100 one more time after that hour I would’ve killed someone.  I realized I enjoy the “regular” mat classes more-you are able to focus on the right part of your body rather than fly through the class.  I won’t be back.

For those of you not familiar with pilates and the 100, check out this video.  This should give you an idea of what I am talking about.

This past Sunday, I enjoyed a 1 mile walk and headed to the pilates/yoga studio for another type of pilates class, Pilates Sculpt.  Basically, pilates plus weights. Think of the 100 plus 2 pound weights in each hand. Each pilates move we added either weights or the magic circle. We also used the resistance band for some leg work.  I LOVED this class. It was a nice step up from “plain”pilates class.

the magic circle, weights, and theraband
graceful, I know. Great inner thigh workout!

We even did a series of arm work that reminded me of Jane Fonda’s circles (like below, smaller motions but with weights).  Does anyone remember this video??? I used to dress up and do this when I was a kid. I will have to find those pictures. 🙂  Anytime I do arm circles, I think of Jane.

Back to the pilates.  Sculpt is where it’s at. Adding weights to the regular class makes for a nice, fun challenge and workout.  I look forward to going back soon!  Pilates isn’t necessarily new to me, but these types of Pilates are too.  And funny how both of them sparked childhood memories.  🙂

I never expected to love Pilates as much as I do.  I think it has really helped me slim down, have a stronger core, and become a better runner (from the core work and the stretching). I love that my studio offers so many levels too.  I hope to try the Pilates Sampler and Pilates Tower classes in the future.

Do you like Pilates? If so, does your studio offer a flow or sculpt version? Have you tried it? Try any new cross training workouts lately?



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  • Since I bought a treadmill, I’m not a member of a gym anymore and sometimes miss it, especially all those fun and fancy classes. I’m glad you found something that keeps you happy and busy while you try to get back running.

  • okay, okay. You have convinced me. Once this race is done I WILL do pilates. I will. Actually maybe I will just come stay with you for a weekend (yes, I just invited myself) and we will run and do pilates together. Cool?!

  • Oh yeaaaaaa my little Jane Fonda wanna be…future Miss America…I can see you in a leotard, lavendar and pink leg warmers and a sweatband, if I remember correctly, no shoes (and Jane was going 90 to nothing and, no, I don’t think you ever broke a sweat!) But you were SOOOOO serious about it!! (some things NEVER change…verrrrrry focused, even then).
    @Corey-I have to invite myself, too. It’s good for her…she’ll clean to prepare for you, she makes a “mama-do” list of projects for me!
    @Christine-had considered a gym (my kids and doctor shamed me…I had an affair with my couch) Instead invested in good shoes, have hit the streets walking and love my walking time! 200+ miles since June and counting!
    I think all of you young people are so smart to start early with any kind of physical fitness. Little Miss Fonda you rock! Love you bunches!!

  • That Jane Fonda video is awesome. Aside from the envious outfits (a belted leotard!), it’s interesting to note how slender everyone is. Our exercise videos often have fit people but definitely with bigger muscles than in this one. Interesting reflection of ideal body tone.

  • I used to love and look forward to pilates classes at my gym. It has been well over a year since I have attended one. Since we don’t have a gym membership I would have to do a pilates routine from a DVD at home which I can’t seem to find the motivation to do. UGH! I probably should get back into it so that I can work on my flexibility some more….

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