Staying Optimistic

Last Monday, I left the doctor somewhat hopeful. She said no running for a few weeks. In the boot a week or two. Take the week off of work (since my job is all on my feet), ice, elevate.  See a physical therapist as soon as possible.  I honestly didn’t do any research. I went downstairs to the PT affiliated with the practice and made the appointment. Scheduled for Thursday. BOOM.

I felt optimistic until I got to the appointment. The PT wasn’t an athlete.  She looked at me funny when I told her my regular workouts. She also looked at me funny when I told her I had 5 more 1/2 marathons I would like to run in the Fall, the first one on October 6th (okay, I know, lofty goals NOW, but still).

I attempted to talk to her about the AlterG. My massage therapist/chiropractor office has one and I was/am willing to pay for it. She had never heard of it. Say what PT lady? You have never heard of the AlterG? With a turned up nose and a negative attitude she said, “I don’t like chiropractors. Why does he have one of those?”

I proceeded to explain the chiros credentials, the machine, and restated my goals. I asked about training on the elliptical for the half.  She said, “You can’t train for a race on an elliptical.”  I wanted to say, you haven’t met XLMIC but I kept my mouth shut.

I left after learning some exercises and getting some really cool ice/compression treatment. I will admit, I made follow up appointments.

treatment and exercises

But the more I thought about it, the more pissed I was. I’m not some lazy-knee-replacement-whiner person (as were the ladies seated to my left and right last week). I’m an athlete.  I need to find an athlete to treat me.  Someone who won’t turn their nose at me or look at me funny. I need someone who “get’s it.”

So, I did.  I met with a new PT on Wednesday and again today.  I LOVE MY NEW PT.

I’m getting more answers, more work done, and even have some to share with yall. This is great to build up your feet muscles and apparently is a great way to treat Plantar Fasciatis.

Enjoy the accent?  Okay back to the ankle…I use weight on top of the towel at the PT but I was at P’s house and he didn’t have weights to make the towel heavier.

I am doing lots of stretching and exercises,  using my tiger tail to keep my calf muscles loose, balance movements (standing on a pillow 10x10secs each on my hurt leg), and icing.

hurts so good!
given to us at HTC. LOVE this thing (more than my Stick-yep-I said it.)

I’ve been approved to do 10-20 minutes of cardio on the bike and/or elliptical and I can go to pilates.  I had my first session post-injury yesterday and feel great.  I can already tell a huge improvement in my ankle as well.

last Sunday when I got home from HTC
taped from the PT but much better. Taken Thursday 9/6.

The PT said my October 6th 1/2 marathon may be out of the question but she is hopeful for the rest of my schedule.  I may not be as fast, and it make set me back a few days, but it is doable.  She also said a marathon in the Spring wouldn’t be a problem too (NUUNGENE what, what!?).

I’m staying positive. I’m hopeful and optimistic. It’s the only way to get through these things.  I never thought I would love to be on a bike or elliptical-but I’m taking every baby step as a huge accomplishment!

take the highs where you can.

Have you had an injury that has kept you from running for lengthy periods of time?  Seen a sports PT? How have you handled it? 

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  • love the video! I’ve been doing those towel exercises but should step them up & had not even thought about doing them standing! nice!
    glad you found a new PT – that first one had a B.A. bad attitude! keep up wtih the cardio, you’ll be back soon.

  • I thought you didn’t say ya’all in your video, went back and noticed it got cut off a bit at the beginning. Whew.
    Great exercises, I need to do them too. My left foot is having sympathy pain for Alma this week.
    Eugene!!! Um, yes, please. I’ve already signed up for the half. You know you can stay with us, Albany is 45 minutes from Eugene…

  • Great video! Thanks girl. You’re too cute with your accent…love it. This video is so helpful to me right since I’m not running…haven’t since HTC due to PF and other things. Anyway, thank you. I totally get the PT thing…glad you switched! So glad. Good luck with healing. You’ll come back so much stronger. Eugene is on my maybe list if we haven’t moved by then. A good one to run. And if we are here, and I’m not running, I’ll be there to cheer if you do it. xo

  • your first pt sounds like a real debbie downer, so glad you found a PT who “gets its”. I’ve seen the towel exercises before and I learned something new- didn’t know you had to dampen it a little. wishing you a speedy recovery

  • Yay for athlete-oriented PT’s!!!! I am so glad you are healing up so well. And I’ll bet you are pretty jazzed about getting to possibly/probably do most/all of your scheduled/desired races! And yeah…The Don’t Run, Run Faster Plan is proven now 😉

  • I am glad you found a new PT. The first one didn’t sound like a very good one to me. It is great to hear that you won’t miss too much of your fall race schedule. Your ankle already looks a lot better than it did a few weeks ago!

  • Love that you rocked the Auburn shirt for your video! It sounds like your new PT is a much better fit. When it comes to a PT I believe having one that’s able to relate to your sport you’re trying to get back to can only help in the long run.

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