Five Things Friday

I feel like I haven’t done a random post in forever. My injury and HTC have taken over.  Here is some randomness.

1. I did something very unlike me on Wednesday. I skipped the Road Runner’s Sports girls night out. I was going to meet Smitha (IRL for the first time) and she had something come up with a kids school project, and well, to be 100% honest, I didn’t want to go alone. I had my boss with me on Thursday so prep work needed to be done too-but honestly, I didn’t feel like putting myself out there and making small talk with strangers.

Usually, I have no problem doing it and I am all about it. Just didn’t feel like it. Oh well.  Hopefully they will have another event soon!

2.  The minimal amount of running that I have been allowed to do has left me with plenty of free time. What does one do with this? SHOPS. Yes, there have been race registrations (post to come soon), new boots, NUUN, and a lululemon shirt. As well as eyeing out the following: Erica Sara jewelry, Oiselle clothes, new luggage, housing decor, and debating on my new Erin Condren planner for 2013.

can upload a pic for the cover
a list of all of my favorite things

Which one should I get? The one where I can list my favorite things or the one I can upload a pic? Or another one on the site? Decisions, decisions.

3. October begins my birthday month.  Yep. The month. I believe in celebrating as long as possible. For some reason, this year just I’m just not as excited. Maybe it’s the number, or it just snuck up on me.  How did I get this old, this fast??

4.  I love fall. We got the first hint of it this week and the mornings have been nice and cool (the middle of the day, not so much) and it’s not as humid as it has been.  I’ve already made peanut butter banana bread, an eggplant pasta dish, and chili. Something about the fall makes we want to stay in the kitchen all day.

orzo with eggplant, mozzarella, and tomatoes from Smitten Kitchen

5. I got the okay to run OUTSIDE today. I’m nervous. But I’m heading out with P in the morning! CAN’T WAIT! PT said do what I can, it may hurt, but go for it. WOOHOO!!!

What are you doing this weekend? Which planner should I get?  Favorite Fall food? 

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  • LOVE fall! Love that you can run tomorrow…yay! Go easy and just enjoy a little at a time. That’s where I’ve been. Gradual. Today was 5 glorious miles on a fall day that left me feeling so happy after 5 days of running in a row. Love returning to running after injury. I’m not a big food person when it comes to cooking but I love eating. I suppose fall food makes me think of baking cookies since it really is the only change that falls brings for me with food…I MIGHT bake cookies. Otherwise, I stick to the normal food routine…I know, so boring. This weekend: running, soccer, yoga, and soaking up all this beautiful weather with my family. Good to see a random post from you.

  • I like the planner with the words all over it. I had to run over and pin that eggplant recipe before I commented, thanks for the recommendation and sharing a new cooking website.

    Oh, and you’re not that old. Yet.

  • That’s great news that you can run outside tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear all about that. I’m excited for fall to set in but I always seem to be out of town when the leaves change so I’m crossing my fingers that will hold off for a week or so. Can’t wait to hear about the races you’ve been registering for too!

  • if you can come up with that many things you love, i think thats a neat idea. I love that fall is coming around too. Every year growing up mom always made chilli on halloween, so naturally i associate chilli with fall.

    can’t wait to hear how running outside went

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