A little bit of SPARKLE (giveaway)

When XLMIC said I was the only “natural sparkler” in our van for Hood to Coast, I didn’t realize how much that statement was true.

My HTC Van all rocking our skirts. EVEN tyler.

Until I thought back on my races this year. It is very true.  I. LOVE. TO. SPARKLE.

me and P at the Cotton Row 10K in May
Me, Kim, & L-all sparkling Mardi Gras style for RNR Nola in March
P, Me running at Publix 1/2 in March-rocking my Team in Training colors
L, Me, Becka-all sparkling superhero style at the Super Hero 1/2 in New Jersey in May
Rockin’ my red, white & blue again for The Peachtree on July 4th.
My sparkle purchase JUST because it was on sale. And perhaps for Halloween…

I know some people don’t love the sparkle skirt.  Or, they are scared of it. I will tell you now, I am not a girly-girl.  But there is something about putting on that skirt that just makes you feel good.

Things to know about the Sparkle Skirt:

1. It makes you have fun.  I can guarantee it.  Why?  Because you stand out in a sea of runners and you end up getting lots, and lots, and LOTS of cheers.

2. It’s way more fun to “chick” a guy. I promise. You know how pissed they get when you pass them already, right (especially in a plain skirt)?  Imagine passing them while sparkling.  Talk about being a badass. 🙂

3.  You really can’t feel it.  Really, you forget that it is on. So much so that I ended up sleeping in it at Hood to Coast and didn’t even realize I was wearing it.

4.  You choose your bottoms.  I love that the skirts don’t have built in shorts. This makes your outfit a bit more customized to you.  You can even choose longer pants in the winter if you need to.  I wear my lululemon shorty shorts or my oiselle stride shorts under it and both seem to work perfectly.

5.  Sparkle Skirts come in many, many colors and have matching accessories if you want them.  You can sparkle in pretty much any color of your choosing. Team Sparkle also makes arm and leg warmers to go with several different color combos (see my chevron rainbow leg sleeves above).

6. You can wear it multiple times for various “costumes.” See above.  My red skirt has been my superhero, 4th of July and memorial day skirt of choice.  Green is great for Team in Training, St. Patty’s or Christmas. Get the idea??  Kelly, the Queen of Sparkle, really has had some great costumes for Disney.

I have you convinced you NEED one, right?

Well, I have the best news.  The fabulous ladies at Team Sparkle are letting me give one away (yes, any color you would like)!!

Contest rules (leave a comment for each): 

+1 for following me (bloglovin, email subscribe, etc.)

+1 for following me on instagram and/or twitter (ekalifeh is name for both) +1 for each

+2 for following RunTeamSparkle on twitter

+1 for sharing the giveaway (tweet, facebook, blog, etc) +1 for each

+5 tell me why you want to sparkle, where (race) you are going to sparkle, and what color you want to ROCK.

+2 for fun-who should I be for halloween??  I have blue, red, green, and orange sparkles to choose from.

Opinions of Team Sparkle are all mine! My orange skirt was given to me at Hood to Coast but the rest were purchased. Contest will end 9/18/2012 at midnight EST.  US residents only. 





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