I LOVED LOVED LOVED getting yalls pictures with your favorite medals and where your bling hangs out.  I had no idea it would take me this long to compile it all (a lot going on at work, and a lot of counting and going through emails) but it was really fun seeing how everyone displays their prize possessions.  Okay, maybe they are just prize possessions to me, whatevs.

First to share. Don’t go scrolling to the bottom to see the winner!

Krissy’s medals. I could NEVER give up my closet space!
Krissy & her Disneyland bling. That thing is huge!
All of ME’s bling. Fellow ATLien & Half Fanatic 🙂
ME’s fav: the Miami ING. It SPINS!
Kinda obsessed with Krissy’s wall. I now need a bigger house with more walls.
Krissy’s Mississippi Blues Marathon medal. Can’t wait to get mine in January!
The pavement runner made his holders. Pretty cool. You can too.
Pavement Runners Bling
PR’s fav medal. The Firenze Marathon. His first one and it’s from Italy.
Mindy B’s race bling. A medal hanger after my own heart.
Mindy’s fav bling: I love this one too 🙂 RNR New Orleans
Christine is very professional. It looks so nice!
Christine’s fav bling-the Little Rock 1/2 Marathon-it also spins.
Owen’s wall of bling. He will eventually have a shadowbox for all 50 marathon states/races. So cool!
Owen’s non-marathon medals. Marathon medals get the shadowbox.
Suzanne’s Medals on her Allied Medal Hanger
Suzanne loves the Oak Barrel 1/2 Marathon-I love mine too!
Becka’s Allied Hanger…
and one of Becka’s many shadow boxes. See her post here with ALL of her bling. She #runsalltheraces
Leslie’s fav medal: Marine Corp ’11-a PR for her!
Leslie’s bling-her medal racks are from etsy
All of Lisa’s bling!
Lisa’s fav medal-the ING Hartford Marathon. I love this one too! Maybe my CT race?

Okay.  So to the winner. I decided to be “fun” and write out each name, cut it up, and then draw one.

All the names…
All cut up and in the drawing bowl…

And the winner is:


Pavement Runner!  Congrats!!  Email me at elizabethkalifeh at gmail dot com to claim your prize!

I definitely found a few new pieces I NEED to add to my collection.  Did you?? Thanks for your patience y’all!

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