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I’m going to admit it.  I’m not big on supplements and vitamins and such.  But I swear, it’s all I see in the blogger world, instagram, and twitter.

I don’t take vitamins.  I’ve tried them-don’t really think they help that much and can’t ever remember to take them.  I honestly don’t always remember to have a post-workout recovery drink/supplement either.  Post race and “really long run” I do like to drink Endurox.  Lately, I’ve been enjoying my handheld mixer for breakfast (also post morning run) protein shakes.

Morning smoothie in my Peachtree Road Race cup!

A typically smoothie starts with whatever frozen fruit is in my freezer.  Sometimes it’s fruit that I didn’t quite finish before it was going bad (or I was going out of town or something) or it is the bagged stuff from the frozen section in the grocery store.

I’ll add milk, a little orange juice, chia seeds, some fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries, bananas, peaches, whatever is on hand) and sometimes a handful of spinach.  So, onto the protein.  For a while now, I have used this.

flavor is good! not enough protein 🙁

A vanilla flavored post workout thing.  It’s good but only has 10 grams of protein in 2 scoops and I usually just use one. So 5 grams of protein isn’t so hot.

I read blog post after blog post about Vega Smoothies/Shakes and I decided to give them a try.  The Whole Foods I shop at carries them so I picked up a few different flavors.

they have more flavors than this-these are just the ones I chose.

The rundown:  Loved some, hated some.  I tried the berry flavor as it is intended-a smoothie/shake and just add soy milk.  I didn’t like it at all.  The rest of them were added into my regular recipe above.  My favorite is the Vanilla Almondilla.  NOT the Vanilla Chai. I still have to try the chocolate-and I think I will just add it to frozen bananas.

I’m still undecided on which flavor I will end up buying in the big size but I do think I will stick with this brand.  It seems to have a lot of nutrients in addition to the protein.  I will also stick with making smoothies and not just adding milk to make it a “shake.”

I was also sent a sample of Energy Bits to try out.  They are also a natural protein.  ALGAE.  Yep. They definitely turn your hands a little green.  The info sheet and website said you can eat them or swallow them.  I attempted to eat one and had to chase it with water so I swallowed the rest. The rest being a serving size-which is about 30 tablets.

interesting, huh?

I took them before an afternoon of my double run days (6 miles in the morning, 4 in the afternoon) and I think I could tell a difference.  I had more energy on my run for sure-I was tired after running in the morning and working all day.  But, it’s hard to tell how much it really helped since I only had one serving to try.  I’m not sure I’ll spend the $115 on an entire bag.  I wish they sold a week supply or something along those lines so I could see a “real” difference (very scientific, I know).  They also mention that it can act as a meal because of the amount of protein in it, but I can tell you, 30 pills does not make a meal for me.  I need substance.

There ya have it. My take on vitamins, and supplements, and smoothies, etc. etc.  Thumbs up to Vega team stuff and a sort of thumbs up to Energy Bits-I just need more than one sample to decide.

the energy bits were sent to me to try and the review and opinions are all mine! I bought the vega stuff myself.

What do you think?  Do you take vitamins? Make smoothies? What’s your favorite recipe? What about Energy Bits??

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  • I received samples of the Vega smoothies and I was not a fan. I tried all of them but there wasn’t a single one I could stomach. I am pretty sure I have a mental block with drinking anything green so it was a miracle I even took a sip of the ones that were green. The energy bits sound interesting but for that price I don’t know that I’d purchase them. I take the GNC multivitamin for active women but I never can remember to take it every day!

  • I won Kim R’s Vega Smoothie giveaway so I can’t wait till they come in to try. I’m EXTREMELY pick when it comes to protein. I like to be able to just add water, PB, and cinnamon and be good to go.

    algae pills, hmm not sure about that

  • I like to try different proteins in my smoothies. I like GNC brand because it mixes well with just about anything you throw into the blender. I’m not sure I would want to swallow 30 pills to get my protien.

  • I like this good little quickie review! I have a sample of Energy Bits at home that I haven’t tried yet. Maybe I will bring them to HTC?! I didn’t realize it was $115 to buy the next size!! That is a little bit CRAZY!

  • Vega sent me samples of the smoothies…I liked them with almond milk…not with water. I also mixed the tropical flavor in orange juice and that was really good! My son LOVED the vanilla almondilla one (so did I) and he drank about half of my smoothie! I love all the awesome ingredients in them. I haven’t tried energy bits but samples are on the way…I had no clue they were that expensive though!

  • I am not big on vitamins and supplements either when I probably should be. Vitamins always upset my stomach- there are only a few brands that I can handle. I go through phases of taking them along with making protein smoothies. I really like to use fresh fruit with vanilla greek yogurt and then I switch up the flavor of protein powder (usually vanilla or chocolate).

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