Run, Eat, Shop, Eat, Shop, Eat Seattle

The title really says it all.  Last Tuesday, before my Hood to Coast adventure began, I had the opportunity to spend my day with 2 other very important bloggers in my life.  I will get to HTC soon but I decided to post my events in chronological order.

Kim picked me up from the Seattle airport late on Monday night.  We were staying at Casa de Alma! Alma was kind enough to let us both stay Monday and Tuesday night.

Tuesday morning: We got up and went for a run along Alki Beach.  A little over 4 miles.

gorgeous view of the city
Kim, Alma, Me

Talk about beautiful weather! We even stopped along the way to see some fishermen and their fresh catch!

a big, fresh salmon. I should’ve taken it home with me…yum!

Post Run: Breakfast at an amazing bakery-Bakery Nouveau.

All 3 of our selections-we shared!

Lunch time: A quick shopping trip for me to get my Seattle ornament (never got one at RNR Seattle) and then lunch at Sitka and Spruce.

a locavore kind of place. very fresh and light.

Afternoon: Shopping for some Oiselle awesomeness.  Found the Roga shorts! YES! And then ice cream at Molly Moon’s. Pretty sure it was the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten. 1/2 salted caramel and 1/2 Theo’s dark chocolate.  Heaven. Heaven. Heaven.  If I lived in Seattle, this place would be trouble!

this was considered 1scoop. HUGE servings!

More shopping, a trip to Theo’s for more chocolate (tour was sold out for the day), and then a few happy hour beers.

Dinner time: Alma and Kim organized a runner/blogger dinner at Revel. Dinner was long, but delicious! I totally forgot to take any pics because I was more into my conversations but it was a trendy Korean meal-meats, dumplings, noodles, etc.

Wednesday morning: I got up and went to work with Alma. She worked while I played at the Pike Market and the first Starbucks!  I met up with Alma again and we grabbed lunch at Salumi and she walked me to NUUN headquarters for my HTC adventures to begin (more on that tomorrow).

I am so thankful for these two ladies. We got to enjoy some quality running and non running time together. Who would’ve thought blogging would lead to such cool friendships and experiences??  I sure didn’t.  Here’s to meeting up again sometime soon Kim and Alma!

Have you met up with any bloggers for non-racing adventures?


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  • That was a great day – I wish we could all do that more often! Still can’t believe you didn’t want to kiss that fish…

  • I met 3 bloggers so far. I once ran into a blogger at half marathon and she turned out to be my pacer to my first sub 2 hour half. Then I ran into you at Wineglass last year. And in March this year I met with Christina. We spent the weekend together and also ran a half. I agree, I never thought blogging would lead to anything like this!!

  • Looks like a great start to your trip! I’ve met a couple of bloggers and it is always fun. I’m normally quite shy but after stalking, I mean reading, blogs you feel like you already know the people somewhat which makes for a great time!

  • What a great way to kick off a fantastic running adventure. I love going to Seattle for the weekend. Thankfully my hubby has family there and I have friends that live there so we get to make weekend trips frequently. I will need to check out Theo’s chocolate factory and that ice cream place the next time we are there. Sounds fantastic!


    I’m currently plotting a return trip to Seattle to kidnap Kim and Alma, and make them repeat that day start to finish.

  • How fun! I’ll be in Seattle next August and am hooping to meet up with Alma. Yay! Sorry to hear about the ankle. Bummer but this too shall pass. Hang in there. Say the word and Ill be happy to share pool running tips.

  • I read this post right after we came back, but I haven’t gotten a chance to come back and comment until now 🙂 I love that you were able to meet up with Alma and Kim while you were out there. It was quite the blogger-filled week! I know you three had a blast chatting and hanging out!

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