Random Olympic Observations

1.  The girls on the track wear way too much makeup.  I mean, seriously.  It looks like they had their makeup done for them and they are headed to the red carpet or prom or something.  I get that they are going to be taped/photographed/shown on tv worldwide but wouldn’t a hint of blush and mascara do?

hard to tell as much here. but she had on full eyes!

I will admit, when I go to races I tend to wear a little under eye concealer and water proof mascara.  If I don’t, I will scare the hell out of someone and look like death.  It just makes me feel “awake” even if it may be 3am. When I raced in Alabama back in February, there were girls that were ready for prom.  I just don’t get that.

2.  Ussain Bolt might be the most arrogant athlete I’ve ever seen.  There is not a single ounce of humility in his bones.  Yes, he is the fastest man in the world. I know he’s a badass.  But, so is Michael Phelps and he sure doesn’t act that way.


3.  The friendship that was shown at the end of the women’s marathon on Sunday was awesome.  I love Shalane and Kara (yes, we are on a first name basis) and was inspired by the way that Kara helped Shalane at the end.  It makes me really appreciate all you lady runner friends out there.  We are a lucky, supportive bunch.


4.  I am really inspired by Oscar Pestorius.  The fact that he made the team as a double amputee is unbelievable (and don’t even get me started about some questioning him and saying he has an advantage with prosthetics).  We could all learn a thing or to about overcoming obstacles and never giving up from Pestorius. Seeing Kirani James swap bibs with him was incredibly emotional as well. He has so much respect from others is his event. Wow.


5.  I also really love Allyson Felix’s story.  There is just something “real” about her.  She just seems to be very down to earth.  Maybe it’s the no makeup at the track thing? 🙂  SO pumped for her to finally get her gold.  I watched the interview/story about Coach Kersee and how he pushes her and she often doesn’t want to do the workouts and gets annoyed.  Human.  Just like the rest of us.  I’m glad to know that drills aren’t her favorite thing as well.

6.  Obviously the story of Kerrie Walsh-Jennings and Misty May-Treanor is huge.  THREE gold medals.  That’s a lot of years playing volleyball together.  Misty May-Trenor will be “retiring” to start a family.  I know that has to be hard but obviously a decision she had to make.  In the same “mommy” note- seeing Lashinda Demus miss the team in 2008 after having twins and continue on to be an olympian is a big WOW to me. It was hard to hear how upset she was over the silver medal yesterday(still huge in my opinion) and that she would be back for the gold in four years.  All to leave a legacy for her sons.  Mom olympians.  If they can find the time to train for the olympics, I should be able to squeeze in my workouts too.
I could go on and on about the cool stories I’ve heard or the crazy things that harden happen when men get excited over their bronze medals.  Or just the things that bug me (glittery Russian hair and Canadian scrunchies!?!?) Either way, the Olympics have definitely lit a spark and have me excited.
Have you been watching the Olympics all day and night? What’s been your favorite part?  Least favorite? Do you like Usain? Do you wear makeup to run? Who’s your favorite athlete? 

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  • Funny you mention the make up! I’m thinking the exact same thing! I never wear make up and thought when you sweat it will look even worse. But I guess make up is better these days. But I still don’t think it’s the right place to go out with full on color. LOVED the finish at the women’s marathon. I just LOVE Kara, she is amazing!!

    I have to say that the way NBC shows the Olympics is really annoying. I wish I could have taken 2 weeks off from work and watch it live. The evening coverage is just not good.

  • I’m a zero make up runner but then, I only wear makeup for work & it’s MINIMAL. Blech. I don’t like. I DO like seeing Kara & Shalane supporting each other. I love us women! And #6…!!!! Holy cow – I hadn’t heard about that! HILARIOUS! I wonder if he responded to that at all? How could he stay silent? ha! He’ll probably end up on Letterman now.

  • I have been surprised how many people comment on the make-up thing…this is the second blog I read today about it. Would I do it? No…but I just think it is an interesting look into the mind of a woman that it is something we even talk about.

    I heard that bronze guy said, “i wasn’t excited, that’s just me the way i am” wow…

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