The Beginning of #NUUNHTC 2012

You will probably all be annoyed, but for my sake, I am breaking up my Hood to Coast adventures into several different posts.  It was amazing for many reasons and I am going to enjoy every minute of recapping it.

So Wednesday Alma walked me over to the NUUN Headquarters where I would meet NUUN employees and then head to the Mariners game. First thing I noticed: the NUUN office is cool- open space, happy people, NUUN stuff everywhere. NOT stuffy at all. One of my favorite things I noticed? The bathroom pee info:

how is your pee??

Back to the day.  I met my teammates at the Mariners game.  It was a bit surreal-I felt like I knew each of them from reading their blogs.  We enjoyed several beers and honestly, I barely watched the game because I was so chatty.

the view from our seats
Robyn, Susan, Katie at the game

We hit up a few local bars after the game for more bonding and beers, grabbed dinner and headed back to the hotel.  I roomed with Corey (Schnoodles of Fun), Jess (Blonde Ponytail), and Nicole (Ricole Runs).  It ended up being Corey and myself for most of the night just catching up and getting to know each other-I think we didn’t stop talking for a solid 2 hours.  We are very much alike and tend to have the EXACT same thoughts.  LOVE this girl.  Jess was there later and I loved picking her brain on training, crossfit, and HTC last year. (side note-Nicole is from Seattle so she didn’t stay with us until Thursday night).

Thursday morning we got up for a group run and visit to Oiselle. Yes. Oiselle. The other coolest place in the world to work (besides NUUN). We got to meet Sally, learn more about how Oiselle started, and I gained another shirt to add to my Oiselle collection.  I ran most of my run with Jess and Casey (CFO NUUN) and ended up running a bit more than I had planned (4.81 miles) but it was so nice out and I was enjoying the the company.

NUUNHTC team at Oiselle

We arrived back at the hotel, where Jennifer (the Fit Fork) had smoothies from Jamba Juice delivered.

lots of options! Thanks Jamba Juice!
Corey, Sarah, Tonia, Me-patiently waiting for our smoothies

The afternoon/night was spent at NUUN.  We received an insane amount of schwag that I am incredibly thankful for.

hanging out at NUUN HQ

Marjorie (XL MIC) showing off our Tough Chik armsleeves and Sparkle Skirts!

We also had a scavenger hunt to go on. NUUN had teams set up for us and we had several hours to check things off the list.  I was on a team with Jessica (Pace of Me), Lindsay (Lindsay on the Go), Katie (Katie Runs This) and Jocelyn (Enthusiastic Runner). We had a blast as you can see below (Or check on twitter and Instagram with #NUUNHUNT for even more).

Our team- “The Fab 5” getting started!
the gum wall-it was covered!
Yes, I really kissed a fish, after catching it, at Pike’s Market. All for the love of NUUN!
We got points for creativity and “tatting” people in Seattle. Fisherman’s bicep? Why not?
The Fab 5, NUUN, the Pike Pig
The Fab 5 and Jimmy H!

I have no idea how much we walked-but it was a lot.  I also may or may not have paid for a few cabs because I wanted to save my legs for the race (after too long run mentioned above). We came in second place but had a blast getting to know these girls!  The night was spent decorating our vans.  Quick relay note lesson-buy fat markers. Our letters were skinny-but still looked okay.  I was on Team Morning Van 2.

blank van…
XL MIC decorating our van

The night ended with a few more beers with some fabulous ladies.

Jess, Emily, Sarah
Corey, Me
And then a table full more came 🙂

What I really loved about these 2 days is that I got to spend time with people that weren’t in my van.  NUUN put us in rooms/teams with people we may not have spent as much time with during the race.  I LOVED that. I loved these two days almost as much as the race.  I know you will continue to read this on each and every blog post-but it’s true. It was amazing. NUUN went above and beyond. I’ve never been more thankful for an opportunity or race in my life.  Race posts to come next…

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