I was never a cheerleader: THE accident

I will start by saying, I was never going to tell the truth about what happened.  I was embarrassed.  PISSED. embarrassed.  Did I mention embarrassed??  But I’m a terrible liar.  I swore my van to secrecy, but when I made it back to the Nike tent at the finish, I couldn’t lie. And then I realized, maybe this will help someone else.

I got laughed at. By more than one person.  And then Sarah OuaL said it.  “I don’t know what it was about the race, but I did it too.”

read Sarah’s recap and same thoughts here

If you can guess by now.  I jumped.  For a stupid F-ing picture.  Let me start by saying I am not a cheerleader.  Okay, maybe for one year in 8th grade, but really, I am not. I don’t know if it was the sparkle skirt, or the adrenaline, or feeling like a badass because my speed was still there on leg 3, or having major picture envy (I think yall know by now I LOVE pics and photography) from Van 1’s start line pics.

Van 1 Team Morning

Our van even did the same at the beginning of the our start. I guess it wasn’t enough for me though.

No Mt. Hood-but still cute!

I saw the photographer.  It was me and the open road.  Literally. There was hardly anyone on the course at this point. He took my running photo and I said “I’m going to do a jump pic!”

WHAT THE F WAS I THINKING???  Running at a 7 minute something pace. On 2 hours of sleep.  Attempting to jump.  I obviously wasn’t.  I came down hard.  Really hard. I cursed and probably scared the photographer to death.  Another van was up ahead and they saw it happen too.  I was freaking out. I was crying.  Yet, I kept running.

I didn’t want to quit.  I am NOT a quitter.  “It’s just a stinger-it will go away” I told myself.  I limped almost another mile until the van came up behind me.  They took one look at my ankle and made me stop.

I got in the van and sobbed.  Ugly cry face sobbed. And apologized. And sobbed. Repeat series about 400 times.  I had no phone service.  All I wanted was P and my family.  Not that I didn’t love my van mates but when something is wrong, you just want your loved ones, ya know?  Marjorie took the role of mom.  She hugged and comforted me.

As I said in my previous post, Tyler ran my legs. Erin contacted NUUN about picking me up, but I didn’t want to leave the van. The medic said there was nothing that could be done if I left anyway.

So I sat in the van for the next few hours like this.

right after it happened. looks just like a stinger, right? IDIOT.

Kim, from NUUN in Team NOON Van 2, came over to check on me at one of the exchanges. I continued to apologize.  She reminded me that this was A TEAM event. Do not worry.  It’s fun. Something about her speech calmed me down.  She and Zoe later helped me into the bathrooms, my teammates carried my things for me, and then Kim’s son, Reece, was a total rockstar and carried me at the finish.

Honestly, there are not enough thank you’s to all of those that helped me.  Poor Reece (only because I am not light) carried me to the finish, through the finish, and to the post race party.  Kim was so kind to set that up for me.  Katie brought me dinner at the finish. Mason brought me beer. Tyler carried me back to the van after the post-race party.  Several different people carried my bags to a room for me (I think Laura, Erin?).  Numerous ladies helped me out-and if I forgot to mention you by name-thank you for your help-you all know who you are.

I called Delta and they moved me to an aisle seat and set up wheelchair service for me.  Vanessa carried my bags, pushed the wheel chair and got me breakfast at the airport.

P picked me up with crutches waiting, has since cooked for me and brought me groceries.

Sunday night after getting back to ATL. Pretty, huh? TNT purple? No?

I went to the doctor on Monday and thankfully, I didn’t break anything.  I was ordered to spend several days with my foot up.  Since I am in pharm sales, and basically live on my feet, I can’t work.  I am following doctors orders to a T.  I have spent far too many hours sitting in bed (plus side is plenty of time to blog).

I was also given this beauty to wear once I can put pressure on my foot.  I had physical therapy yesterday, and I am more optimistic than the therapist.  More on that later. For now, This is how you will find me.

it needs a sparkle skirt!!!!

Lesson REALLY, REALLY learned.  I’m not a cheerleader.  Take it from me: Don’t jump for a picture. It’s not worth it.

Do you go all out for your race photographs or just look like a “serious runner”? Have you been injured from something stupid?  


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  • I’m glad it’s nothing serious but man, that would suck to be stuck in a van after that happened! We’ve all done stuff like that. I will admit that I also laughed at how you described it in this post ‘I jumped. For a stupid f-ing picture’, great way to describe it!

  • Sorry if I giggled a little bit there. In all seriousness, that sucks!

    Something stupid: in college I went white water canoeing (yes, there is such a thing). We had no flotation support in the canoe and so of course we flipped in a huge category 5 rapid. I cut my knee open and had to sit on a rock waiting for everyone else to get our paddles and gear out of the river. While sitting on the rock, I saw a freshly shed snake skin about two feet away and just about peed myself. Never again.

  • You are such a trooper!!! And that was so nice of everyone to carry you and push your wheelchair and everything! What a story! I’m glad you were honest :-). You are AWESOME and I’m so glad you’re on the road to recovery!!

  • Blame the orange sparkles. Seriously some mind-altering shit in there.

    Although it makes for a great (not-actually-great) story, I know it sucks. Glad you had such a great group around to take care of you – heal up fast, girl!

  • 🙁 I am SO sorry that this happened to you. I am often injured because of stupid shenanigans – you’d think I’d learn my lesson… Our van was so worried for you and was hoping that you’d be okay. Leave it to Nuun to make sure that everything runs smoothly. 🙂

    I used to try to look serious for cameras but realized that I usually look like I’m dying unless I smile or do something silly. So, I smile and do silly things, but taking your advice, I will not jump for the camera.

  • You were such a trooper even if you felt like a big baby. I totally wanted to scoop you up and stroke your tear-streaked cheeks and make it ALL better. And I knew you wanted to stay with us. I KNEW that. I loved the paramedic’s reaction to my question about what would an ER do that we weren’t already doing 🙂 He was super sketchy though. I was hoping you didn’t notice that he had forgotten to zip his pants all the way and had major food stains all over his belly. You might not have believed him! I am really glad you stayed with us! It was like we were all running to avenge your ankle from that point on! I am so glad you are on the mend. Always keep the optimism 🙂

    • honestly, if i would’ve noticed any of that, i would’ve freaked. that is awful. his zipper was down?? really??? EEWWW.

  • I’m glad you are OK and that you told the story, because up to this point I thought you hurt your ankle “taking a photograph” as in you were the one using the camera. Whoever told me what happened should have been a little clearer.

  • oh no! i’ve never tried to jump for a photo but only because i haven’t thought of it. i would totally try and would end up on my arse, pretty sure. i’d rather be better at running than cheerleading anyway, right?

  • the boot…..noooooooooo

    I am glad it is not broken. You were a good teammate and you stayed with the team. I hope you will be back running soon.

    All I do for the photog is thumbs up or puke….it’s a 50-50…depending where they are…if they are at the finish line they are in the danger zone….

  • Oh geez I’m so sorry. Of all the freak accidents. I did that at mile 5 of the Soldier Field 10 miler when I slipped on gravel and old cups at a water station. No medic in site so I walk/limped it in. I think the photo jump adds drama and glamour to the whole thing. Glad you stayed with the team for the finish!

  • i’ve been crazy busy at work and have fell way behind on my blog reading, so Kim was telling me all about your incident this past weekend. This sounds exactly like something I would do. I’m so glad you are following instructions from your PT so carefully- sending positive recovery thoughts your way!

  • I agree with Marjorie! To keep going the way you did, totally got me charged up. I was going to do as best I could on my last leg because of you.

    I think you are right in saying how supportive everyone was. We all wanted nothing but the best for you.

    I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend. You’ll be back to running in no time.

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  • Awe, friend. This is a great post, btw, but still makes me sad for you. I don’t think I realized just HOW BAD the sprain was, until I saw these pictures. That bad boy was all swollen that big IN YOUR COMPRESSION SOCK?! WHAAAT?! I can’t believe you hobbled (at a respectable pace, might I add) another almost mile on that thing!! You are a champ!

    • haha. i don’t think a lot of people did when we were there. so much going on that afternoon-no way for anyone to really know!

  • Thank goodness nothing is broken. All my race pictures are terrible so the most the photographer is getting out of me is a thumbs up-no jumping here and after reading this I’m not trying it anytime soon!

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