How Fast Will You Get Up?

A few weeks ago, I mentioned I won a book at my sales meeting in St.Louis. What I haven’t told you, is the back story.

If we are “friends” on instagram, you may have seen some of these pics.

a little excited 🙂

Yes.  This is the ultimate bling.  OLYMPIC bling.  I had a pretty amazing opportunity at this sales meeting.  I actually got to spend a little bit of time with paralympian, Bonnie St. John.

pretty cool.

Her back story briefly:  Bonnie St. John was born with a leg condition, and at a young age, she opted to have her leg amputated. She went on a skiing trip in high school (yes, with one real leg) and fell in love with the sport.  She attempted to raise money to move from California to Vermont to go to ski school. Even though she didn’t raise the money, the headmaster still let her in.  She had many bumps along the way with her training but went on to excel as an athlete, becoming the first African-American to win Olympic medals in ski racing and won a silver and two bronze medals at the 1984 Paralympics in Innsbruck, Austria.

Not only is she an olympian, but she graduated with honors from Harvard University and won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford; was appointed to the White House National Economic Council (under Clinton); has been featured on numerous t.v. shows, is a writer, and a motivational speaker.  Oh yeah, and a mom.  Can you say wow?? As if all of that isn’t inspiring enough.

Bonnie St. John was only supposed to speak to our group the Friday morning before we left, but she came early to get to know some of us at our team building event.  And while many of our conversations with her were work related, her speech to us on Friday hit home in more than one way.

She was featured on a Starbucks coffee cup a few years back with this quote:


Yep. She told this story. Everyone fell that day in her event.  The girl who won gold just got up faster. It made me think, How fast do I get up when life throws me curve balls?  When training gets hard (or I am injured)?  What am I going to do to be better?  Who pushes me to actually BE better?

She asked, “How fast will you get up?” While this was all in a work-related context, I took it to heart in all aspects of my life.  What she said is true.  You have to be resilient and find people to push you.  People to push you to do better. To be better. To want more. To fight for more.  This can be in your “running” life, “work” life, or “personal” life.  I mean, look at what this woman has accomplished.

I am lucky to have yall to push me.  To have my friends, family, and P encourage me to do more.  To be better.  Sometimes I get tired of work, tired of training, and complacent with life.  Bonnie St. John reminded me to always strive for more.  That you really can do anything.  As long as you have the drive, believe, and support to do so.

How fast do you get up when life throws you curve balls?  Who pushes you to be better? To want more?  

That’s something to think about.

My team won an autographed copy of her new book



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  • That is a great kick in the butt! I don’t think I’m complacent with work – I’ve seen it in others and scares me. But, my attitude toward work has changed over the last several years for sure. Sometimes it’s hard to balance the “go get ’em” desire at work with the reality of being a mom and knowing that it’s not good to regularly bring work home. BUT, things would be so boring without that desire to do better, be better, etc. at work. And running! This is such a great outlet for that drive to improve and test oneself.

  • She is an amazing woman! I have heard of her but had no idea that was her back story.

    I’ve heard people say that life has knocked them down and it takes all I have not to say “Well then pick yourself up.” I try not to stay down for long and it helps to have a great support system of family and friends to be there when I need some encouragement.

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