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I spent my weekend with P in his hometown at his high school reunion.  I don’t think I have shared this before, but we met at our best friends wedding.  He was the best man, me a bridesmaid.  Lucky for me, that friend of mine, Tiffany, was at the reunion too!

P, Me, TIff, D

I was definitely over-served which lead to no miles or workouts but had a great time at P’s reunion and meeting some of his old friends.  And of course, his parents took great care of us and I ate everything delicious that his mom makes.  It was a nice, somewhat lazy, weekend.

Yesterday I hit the expo for the Peachtree!!  Tomorrow I’ll be running a 10K with 59,999 of my closest friends. I failed to take a single picture of the expo-it wasn’t too crowded and I registered for a 1/2 marathon for the fall too.  I did manage to have a conversation with someone very, very important.  And he told me I should run the Runner’s World 1/2 marathon this fall instead of the Amish country one (since Amish country is so close, you can still visit).  I think he just wants to hang out-that’s why he wants me to run.

I haven’t laced up my running shoes since Friday of last week.  I did make it to Pilates on Monday but wanted to hold off on running until my chiropractor appointment today. Great news!!  No “real” injury-but my right side of my body is much tighter than my left.  He suspects it’s overworking to fight the tightness.  I was adjusted, given several exercises and stretches to do, told to make a massage appointment and see him again on Monday.  I should loosen up soon and hopefully be pain free.  I haven’t been on a completely pain free run in almost a month.  It doesn’t make for a very good time.  No running today either (doc’s orders).

So, back to the Peachtree.  I’m in corral A. They are already giving heat warnings.  Not expecting a PR at all.  Going to see how the leg feels and hope for a sub 50 (A goal). sub 52 (B goal). finish (C goal).  This race is always entertaining…


Monday: Pilates Mat 1

Tuesday: chiro/rest day

Wednesday: Peachtree Road Race 10K

Thursday: Pilates/possible run or elliptical

Friday: possible run/yoga?

Saturday: 10 miles

Sunday: no clue.

As you can see.  My plan all depends on this pain.  No fun.



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