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I’m so excited!  I won Becca’s giveaway to the Mezamashii project with Mizuno!!  I confess, I am Brooks loyal.  Mainly because I am too cheap to buy different brands of running shoes if I know one is working.  I must say, brilliant Mizuno, brilliant.  Whatever marketing person came up with this idea is genius.  I have seen this all over twitter and the blogger world.  Much cheaper advertising than ads in magazines I assume. And it’s “real” word of mouth.

Now the questions is, what shoes should I get??  I run in Brooks Defyance. They are basically the neutral version of the oh so popular Brooks Adrenalines (which I used to wear too).  I figured I would ask yall what you like before calling the Mizuno number to order mine.  I can’t wait to try out a new brand (and shoe) and see how it works.  The last time I test ran in Mizunos I thought they were heavy-but that was over a year ago and I have NO CLUE which shoe I was in…so. Let me know what you think.

Over the weekend…

I ran 1o miles before work on Friday morning.  6 miles with my friend Ryan and 4 on my own.  Same story-pain the first 4 miles, pain free after I get loosened up.  I ran on Friday because I was getting a massage that evening and was scared he would say don’t run Saturday.  I’m glad I did, because he did end up saying to take it easy.

nice and easy after the Peachtree

So I attempted a run before my New To Me Cross Training for July class on Saturday.  1.5 miles at 2pm.  I don’t really recommend it.  I had someone drive me back home after the class (I ran to the gym).  My legs were exhausted and it was hotter than hell outside.

Today I went back to the chiropractor and he says after todays adjustment I am back on track.  I need another massage and to continue to stretch my calf out 8 times a day.  Yes, you read that correctly.  8 times a day.  But I can still run.  I really look forward to the day I can have a pain free run again.  Hopefully soon.

P and I cooked the fish I caught the other weekend last night.  It was amazing.  If you like trout, this Cooking Light recipe is awesome.  And it looks all fancy.  I promise it wasn’t that hard.  I think the sauce would be really good on chicken too.

trout with tomato basil saute, rainbow orzo, and swiss chard with creme freche

This also arrived in the mail this weekend.  Thanks Team Sparkle for a friends and family discount.  Free leg sleeves!  Now to find a race to wear my new outfit…

I leave for St. Louis tomorrow morning for a work trip. AGAIN.  I am hoping to actually take the time to start the Ab Challenge (oops) and get in a few runs while I am there.


Monday: Pilates

Tuesday: 6-8 mile morning run

Wednesday: 3-4 mile run/abs

Thursday: 3-4 mile run/abs

Friday: 3-4 mile run/cross train/abs/rest.  really not sure.

Saturday: 10-12 mile run

Sunday: rest or pilates/yoga

How was your weekend?  Do you run in Mizuno’s?  Do you purchase things from your favorite running companies just because they are having a good deal? 

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  • I tried trail shoes… Not sure on others because I’m pretty happy with current Newtons and Brooks PureFlow combo. I’d suggest ordering a half size up though (ran small for me and giraffy).

  • Oh! Have fun in St. Louis. I was up there for work in January and wanted to run the city but it was too cold and rainy. So, my orders are — run it for me! 🙂 And very very cool prize/giveaway to win. I have heard good things about Mizuno {they’re one of my clients actually} but I too am a Brooks gal. Report back what you get … I know you will!

    Have a safe flight & maybe it will be cooler up there?!

  • I recently got the Brooks Defyance 5 and I think I like this shoe. Sauconey discontinued my so loved Guide 4 and I’m currently cheating with Brooks. I have a hard time find a good replacement. Good luck with Mizuno, I don’t think I ever tried them.

  • i saw you won on her blog, huge congrats. I tried Mizunos 2 months ago, they were much heavier than what I was used to so i returned them, but would be willing to try a different one of their styles.

    also… got the kona kola flavor in the mail today, tried it immediately— was surprised it wasn’t as fizzy? still delicious though, thanks so much for sending that my way, so awesome of you

    • glad you are enjoying it! yes, it kinda tastes like flat coke but i like it. i gave up soft drinks years ago so it reminds me of them i guess.

  • That dinner looks amazing! I decided to try the Mizuno Wave Rider. I’d never liked them much when I’ve tried them on in the store but so far the 2 runs I’ve done in them have been OK…but don’t listen to me because I think we have very different feet. The Defyance didn’t work at all for me, despite loving them in the store! 🙂

  • So jealous of you right now! Congrats on winning!!!! I am VERY Brooks loyal as well. I have worn the Adrenaline since 2002, but just recently switched to the Ghost. I love the Ghost, but have only ran about 30 minutes in them.
    I hope that you enjoy your new shoes once you get them. 🙂

  • I think about the only way I will switch my brand of running shoes is to win a contest too! I am a Brooks loyal! I had to laugh at you getting your long run done before your appointment in case he told you not to 🙂 I totally get it!

  • I’m sure you’ve probably already picked your Mizunos by now but I have two pairs of Wave Riders that I absolutely love. I wear several different brands but these are one of the few that hold up for long runs for me. Whichever ones you chose I’m sure you will love and they have such fun colors!

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