Peachtree Road Race 10K Race Recap

P was so very kind to get up and drive me to the start line of the race.  I got there wayyy too early last year so I planned to get there a little later and it worked out perfectly.  Had a few minutes to warmup (some pain, but not too bad) and got in my corral with enough time for the star spangled banner and to run into my TNT friend Cruger.

I started right under this 🙂
me and Cruger before the race-he gave me someone to chase!

It really wasn’t as hot as I had thought it would be-I forgot to check the actual temp before we started but race directors had it at code yellow (it did later change to red).


Mile one was a bit congested, but that is expected for a race this big.  It started to open up after that and was downhill until Mile 3.  The crowd support was awesome as usual.  I swear there are as many spectators as there are runners.  The first 3 miles felt easy-fast-but easy.

Then I hit Cardiac Hill.  In reality, I don’t think the hill is THAT bad but running hard in heat and humidity kinda sucked.  I made sure to grab some water and told myself if I didn’t hit my A goal I would be okay.

Once I got over the hill though, it was better.  I caught my breath, checked my watch and realized it was very possible.  So I kicked it into gear.  I enjoyed a few “misters” and tried to stay cool and just enjoyed the crowd.  Not gonna lie, I hit the I-wanna-puke moment at the end.  I didn’t see a single person I knew on the course.  And I didn’t take any pictures till the end.  I swear, 10K’s (and 5k’s) are such a blur to me.  You run all out and have no time to really get in a zone or take in the scene.  Just know it was fun-even though I may have said to myself don’t do this again next year while I was actually running. 🙂



2761 out of 57,754 overall

443 out of 28,656 women

67 out of 3757 women 30-34

I needed this.  I needed to make sure my PR in April wasn’t a fluke or a short course-I definitely think with less heat and humidity I could’ve done even better.  And, I beat my Peachtree PR from last year. Pretty solid day.

THE coveted Peachtree t-shirt

Side note about the Peachtree: it’s tradition that the shirt is still cotton. 5 shirts are chosen as “finalists” and then runners get to vote online for what shirt they like. You have no idea which shirt wins till you get to the finish line and get it. This is my 3rd year running and, in my opinion, every shirt has been ugly.  I blame it on the rednecks that aren’t really “runners” that actually vote-there is always a decent one but a bad one usually wins.  No runner would choose this thing.  Period. Who likes a cream t-shirt?? So bummed. I will keep each and every one though. It’s an Atlantan’s prize possession.

 Post Race

After getting the coveted-yet always pretty ugly t shirt-I made my way to find the the cold towels-a must on a hot day.

thank you Delta!
view of the finish area-it’s huge! takes up all of the bottom area of piedmont park!

Then, I went to find the Atlanta Track Club tent.  A huge perk for being a member-they had powerade, breakfast from Waffle House and a commerative cup for ATC members.

private ATC party! very nice perk.
I usually avoid “the awful waffle” but I was hungry & it hit the spot! it was grits, eggs, and sausage…

I ran back into Cruger and my friend Ryan and we headed up the street to watch the race for a little while.  With corrals A-Y….the race seems to go on forever!  I left and walked home around letter R I would guess.

girl in green looks ready to vom. poor thing. this is about .2 from the finish I think.
ran into my twitter & muddy buddy pal Jes! Go TEAM SPARKLE!

P and I went to a BBQ in the afternoon and the Braves game with my sister and bro-in-law that night.

braves lost 🙁

Quite the All American day if I do say so myself.  I’m very thankful that I have the freedom to run, hang out with my friends and go to baseball games. Maybe that sounds odd, but I think we often take our freedom fore granted.

And yes, as long as I am in town for the 4th of July, I will run the Peachtree.  It’s Atlanta tradition. No matter how much I hate the shirt.

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  • Looks fun – somehow I’ve never heard of this huge race! Congrats on the great time, especially in the heat. I’m not sure how I’d fare running in Atlanta!

  • Wow – you did so good! Awesome stats! Too funny about the shirt, maybe that’s something to take pride in – bad shirt taste? We went to a ball game yesterday too 🙂

  • Congrats to you! That’s kind of funny about the shirt, especially since it sounds like there are some good contenders in the ‘finalist’ mix!

  • Peachtree sounds a lot like Bloomsday that we have in Spokane in May. There is usually 50-60,000 runners every year. We have a hill called “doomsday” that even sounds similar to your “cardiac hill”. You also get a cotton t-shirt after finishing the race and you never know what it is going to look like and they are always hideous! This year was probably the best decision and it wasn’t even that great.
    I feel for the girl in green too! I usually feel like that when I am finishing, but I ususally don’t vomit. At least I haven’t yet….

  • I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT! Way to go, this is SUPER SUPER FAST from what I’ve heard given the crowds. My friend said he couldn’t possibly have gone faster than his 59 minute time. I definitely want to do this race someday, maybe next year?!?! 🙂 People hate the shirt? I like it!!

    • your corral makes all the difference in the world. I was in the first one-so that really, really helps with time. and, i guess, compared to the other options (each and every year) the shirt could always be better. in my opinion. 🙂

  • One day I’m going to try to run this race on the 4th. I had several ATL friends that ran it this year. Always a great race day when you beat your previous time on the course!

  • Great job at the Peachtree. You had a fabulous time. It was hot and humid and the second half is hilly. Great job on pushing through and even running a fast last mile. I let myself hit the wall but I’m proud one of us had a great race. So fun to see you after the finish, sparkle style! Looking forward to going for a run soon … preferably not as fast as you ran this one *wink*

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