Off the Wagon

Last week I didn’t post a Plan for the Week.  The week got a away from me and life got busy.  Is that an excuse? Possibly. I did however manage to squeeze a few workouts in. A few being the key word. 10 whopping miles and 1 TRX class.  Yep. That. Is. It.

I had every intention of doing more.  But, I had very early morning breakfasts planned for work, my boss with me for 2 days, and I was exhausted.  All I could muster up by the end of the day was 3-4 miles (that was in “feels like 99 outside” weather too).

P and I ended up taking an impromptu trip to the beach this week. Again, I had my runs planned.  I had my clothes, my garmin, my NUUN and water bottle.  10 miles was going to be happen. It really was. And then I woke up to thunderstorms on Saturday. So I went back to sleep.

And I woke up and ate these instead.

Thomas Donuts. Enough said.

And then I went to the beach and did this.

toes in the sand!

And you know what?  It was nice.  It was all exactly what I needed.  A break.  I do feel like my training has been off for quite some time and I am just going through the motions and I don’t/didn’t know how to get excited about any of it.  Maybe a full weekend off was the cure.  I took a weekend to eat and relax.  Didi it make me a little antsy not getting my “regular” mileage in? Yep. Was it Healthy?  Not really.  Fun?  Absolutely.

Time to get back on the wagon.

Monday: Pilates Mat 1

Tuesday: double run 6 miles in the morning, 4 evening and possibly Yoga for Runners

Wednesday: 3 miles easy, TRX class

Thursday: private pilates and 3-4 mile run

Friday: maybe long run? 10 miles?

Saturday: 3-6 miles or a class

Sunday: 3-6 miles and pilates

How often do you skip your long runs? Or exercise in general?  Does it make your crazy or do you feel better after a break?

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  • I totally hear you, the last 2 weeks were tough for me. I had time to run, if I really want it, but found the craziest excuses not too. I always feel so guilty. I’m trying stop looking back and just do better from now on. Monday is a fresh start, let’s make this week a great one!

  • Good for you for taking a break. YOu gotta recharge, not infrequently. Now, you can buckle down & know that I’m going to pump you up with some garbarge (and quality, both) calories in a few weeks!

  • I usually never skip a long run, but have skipped other workouts due to fatigue. I often swap workout days depending on how crazy my schedule is, but I always try to keep my long run days the same. Last week I was in a serious workout funk and actually took 2 days off. I have been feeling really tired and overwhelmed with life so the days off were probably needed. This week I feel much better.

  • I really work to NOT get down on myself if I skip workouts. With 4 little kids and a husband who works crazy hours and is gone a lot, I need to be pretty fluid with my workouts. And sometimes I am just too beat. I try to weigh the stress of getting it in vs. the stress I will feel if I don’t. Sometimes it’s an easy call…sometimes not! I hope your chillin’ week is feeling good on your body now 🙂

  • I definitely start to feel antsy if I miss my workouts for a few days….but sometimes life happens. And it’s nice to take a break every once in a while too, because I always feel like I’m ready to come back to running after some time away.

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