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I’m home!  This meeting gave me even less free time than the last one.  I flew to St. Louis on Tuesday and got home Friday.  My only real time outside and to myself was on my early morning runs.  Like I said before, getting my workouts in on work trips is really important to me.  I need that time for fresh air and mind clearing.  And of course, calorie burning because my work meetings always over do it on the food.

The hotel wasn’t really that nice, but it was close to the arch.  So my coworker/running buddy Adrienne and myself ran to the arch Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Apparently we ran over a bridge that took us into Illinois, but we didn’t know that at the time.  So I ran in 3 states this week!  Georgia, Missouri, and Illinois.  Each day was a 4 mile run and we changed up the route each day.  Here  are a few pics and the views #seenonmyrun.

view from the bottom of the arch and the sun coming up
love the way this one turned out. me under the arch.
the cardinals stadium
Wednesday morning view from bridge

Our morning running adventures really helped out on our team building event on Thursday night.  We had a scavenger hunt that ended at the Cardinals stadium. We had 45 minutes to run around the downtown area and get as many items on a list that we could.  We luckily had seen many of the landmarks and restaurants that were needed for the clues.

super fun team building event. and it was active!

Our team kicked some A and we found out on Friday at the closing session that we won!  $100 and an autographed book (explain more in a later post).  A really, really fun event.  Two team building events in a row and my team dominates.  I love it.

We got to spend the evening on the field.  We had dinner, a tour, and met Fredbird. Really, one of the coolest experiences I’ve had at my job (not a whole lot of excitement in pharm sales).

view from my dinner. I ate at home plate!
Me, Fredbird, Adrienne
view from the pressbox. never noticed the arch in the field till the tour.
let’s pretend i’m a player. hanging in the dugout!

As you can see, a pretty good trip.  ESPECIALLY for work.  It actually has me leaning towards the Rock n Roll St. Louis 1/2 marathon now.  I wasn’t sure if I would like the city, but it seems there is much more to see. Unless yall have a better suggestion for a Missouri race…

Have you been to St. Louis? Where would you suggest I run for my Missouri race? Does your job have team building events?

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  • St. Louis has been on our list of places to visit for awhile. The arch is just beautiful I think. Congrats on your team building activity victory!

  • Super fun post – I really liked St. Louis when I visited and I want to go back. That seems like a super fun team building event – we do them every now and then – but nothing active like that. It seems like your company put together a pretty awesome work trip!!

  • Looks so beautiful! I work for a very small company and we had once a team building event, which was in a close by forest and we closed our eyes and the other person had to tell you were to go. Your event sounds a lot better! 🙂

  • My husband has had to go to St. Louis for work with his old company and he loved it. I don’t think I could live there, but I would like to visit sometime. Glad that you had a successful work trip.

  • I think St. Louis is a lovely city, but I’ve not had the chance to run there…yet! Glad you were able to get out while working & that running helped out your team. Awesome you got into the stadium!

  • I have been to MO. I ran the St. Louis RnR. The race was good, but I just wasn’t crazy about the city… too much construction and traffic. Weather was better than it has been in the past for Go! St. Louis.

  • Hello. I’m a new reader enjoying your blog, including the older posts like this. I’m a newer runner in the St. Louis area, but here are a couple spots that you might like when you’re in the area again: Tower Grove Park (shady trails, some a little rolling, but mostly flat, I think), Forest Park (I’ve never run there), Queeny Park. Big River Running has a good listing of them ( Also, on the other side of the river, there’s the Great River Road (Alton, IL) and Pere Marquette State Park. I’ve hiked at the latter, and the trails seem like they’d be good for trail running. Hope this helps, and hope you re-visit St. Louis sometime!

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