June Recap

Jeez…Where did June go?? How is it already JULY??

Miles Planned/Actual: 68/90.  Hmm.  I obviously don’t know how to rest.  I ended up skipping a race and running long one weekend.  Or maybe I miscounted my miles planned? 🙂  I honestly thought I was slacking. Guess not.

Cross Training Planned/Actual: 6/9.  I ended up doing more yoga and pilates than I had planned.  I’m really loving my new gym and the many class options that I have. I also went to bring-a-friend to bootcamp again this past week.  It was good-but not as hard as the previous month.

Races Planned/Actual: 2/1.  LOVED the Muddy Buddy!  I was exhausted from my work trip to Miami and skipped the Father’s Day 4 Miler.  Totally okay with that decision.

me and P post Muddy Buddy

PR’s: 0. Wasn’t really an option…

New To Me Cross Training: HOT Yoga!

Challenges Complete: 1/2.  I did complete the New to Me (above) but I sucked at Christines challenge again.  I know I did plenty of situps, but never logged them in the spreadsheet.

Current Aches/Pains: this stupid calf/shin issue.  It is bizarre.  I have refused to google and self diagnose. It only hurts to run short distances (3-4 miles) and I am fine on longer runs.  But those first few really suck and I have to stop and stretch quite often. I am going to the chiropractor tomorrow and hoping that the ART treatment is an option and will help.

Current Book: major fail again.  I only read the prequel to Emily Giffin’s new book that is out at the end of this month.  I had so much reading for work and I still haven’t even read some of last months magazines.

Current Obsession: figuring out my fall schedule and training for my HTC legs

Current Drink: still on my Kona Kola kick. And loving this strawberry/citron vodka drink I had in Huntsville this past weekend-if only I could recreate it.

Current Likes: hate to be secretive but several things that I can’t share just yet…

Current Dislikes: this stupid pain in my lower leg and obviously the insane heat.

Current Treat: P’s mom made this amazing peanut cola cake this past weekend.  I’m also very anxious to make this triple berry buttermilk bundt cake.  Hmm.  My treats are all cakes.  What does that mean?

Current Excitement: a weekend at home!  We were out of town 2 weekends in a row and I leave again next Tuesday for a work trip.  Seriously.  Just excited to be home. And of course, August brings NYC and Hood to Coast!  Oh, and I signed up for a half marathon today…

I am hoping July is not quite as insane as June.  My focus will be healing this leg issue, focusing on speed work, hills, double runs and mileage.  And planning my fall.  It’s time to get refocused.


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