Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot YOGA!!

I purchased a groupon deal a few months ago to Red Hot Yoga.  For years I have contemplated hot yoga. The New To Me Cross Training challenge finally forced me out of my comfort zone.  My friend Jessica also convinced me it was a good idea.

A little about Jessica: Jess and I became instant friends at our job seven years ago-we started on the same day and had a ton in common.  She was the runner then though-I was clueless!  Fast forward to 2009 and we ended up training together for my second 1/2 marathon and ran the entire race step for step.  It was a blast.

Me and Jess crossing the finish line

Jessica had a baby in February and has slowly eased back into running.  She has found a new love in Hot Yoga.  It’s her Monday night “me time” and she let me crash her party.  I’m sure she regrets it now…

I arrived before she did and started sweating immediately.  Okay, I did run a quick 2 miles before the class but still, even the lobby was hot.

I checked in and found a place in the back of the room.  I brought my mat, 2 towels, and 1 bottle of water with me.  Jess arrived and I immediately began to question her sanity.  She told me that the class repeats itself and it’s “really not that bad.”

i snuck a picture of the studio before it got too crowded

Enter super skinny-super young-no-nonsense yoga teacher.  She quickly instructed that if you leave the class at all you will not be allowed back in. Okay.  Let’s begin.

Apparently, bikram yoga is a series of 26 postures.  I had no idea.  I was expecting a big arm/leg workout like I would normally get from vinyasa yoga and this was nothing like that.  It was constant sweating and more of a stretching (or so it seemed to me) class.  There were a few salutations, but again, nothing that felt like a workout.  It seriously was just a sweatfest.  I was running out of water long before the class was over and was panicking about the heat.  And I was scared to leave the room to get more water for fear of not being let back in. Even Ms. No-Nonsense teacher said the room was hotter than usual.  I honestly looked at my watch several times hoping the class would be over.

I couldn’t relax and I couldn’t get in the zone.  Looking back, the whole class was a bit of a blur.  Nothing stuck out as wonderful and fabulous.  It was mostly hot.  And sucky.  When the class was over, I couldn’t get out of the room fast enough.

no I haven’t been swimming, I’ve been to hot yoga

It felt cooler outside the studio than it did in the studio.

yes, this is how I felt. And notice the glistening…

I will admit I did feel completely detoxed after leaving and chugged several NUUNs to make sure I wasn’t dehydrated later (Jess said after her first class she woke up with a killer headache in the middle of the night).  My body actually felt pretty good.

I’m glad I tried hot yoga but I’m not sure I will go back to use any more of the groupon deal. Hot yoga is supposed to be good for you-a girl in the studio told me you burn around 600 calories in one class.  But, I think I would rather go running for an hour.

Have you tried Hot Yoga?  Did you like it? 

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  • I used to love Bikram yoga. I haven’t done it in quite a while though. It was the one form of exercise that “spoke” to me during my ridiculously long period of injury. I even did it throughout my 3rd pregnancy. I think it feels awesome. I felt so amazingly fit when I was doing it. You’ve now jumpstarted a desire to go again!

    • well, you make me think that maybe I need to give it another shot…hmmm. I just love vinyasa so much more!

  • I love yoga and have tried a few different styles. I don’t love Bikram and actually tried it on a Groupon and had to force myself to use all five classes. However, there is a hot studio by me that does a combination of Bikram and Vinyasa that I also did on a Groupon and loved! You should try Bikram again to assess it without being totally overwhelmed by it and if you like the feeling of sweating out all the toxins but not necessarily the 26 postures, I would recommend finding a studio that does a style you like for the same effect, but maybe more fun. Not all hot yoga is created equal! And it’s sooo good for stretching your running muscles!

  • Hot yoga just doesn’t sound like something that I’d love to do. I did a regular yoga class and it was a little warm in the room and I thought my lungs were going to stop working. You’re brave for trying this!

  • After thinking for years that I hated yoga (it just bored the pants off me), I gave it another try and really found a studio that I love (Decatur Yoga & Pilates). They have some amazing instructors, and I have really enjoyed trying a lot of different yoga styles! It takes a couple of classes to get used to the heat of bikram, but I just adore that sweaty, detoxed, ready to take on the day kind of feeling. My studio actually offers a hot vinyasa class – they keep the temp lower than bikram, but hotter than regular vinyasa. Maybe that’s something you would like? Email me if you want more info…

  • Wow, I tried yoga a few times and thing it’s boring and hard at the same time. I can not imagine doing hot yoga, the heat scares me. Good job on a tough workout!!

  • Hot Yoga is a series of yoga postures practiced in a warm and humid environment. The heat allows your muscles to stretch deeper and more effectively with less danger of injury, while detoxifying and cleansing your body through sweat.

  • Hot Yoga is an excellent workout for beginners to advanced Yoga participants and for all levels of fitness. You should NOT practice Hot Yoga if you are under 16 years of age or if you are pregnant. If you suffer from a heart condition, you must consult your physician prior to participating in Hot Yoga.

  • Thanks for the detailed review! I love yoga (Ashtanga and Vinyasa), but have not been interested in Bikram… I think I’ll stick to sweating on my runs and stretching in my yoga class. 😉

    Either way – congrats on another month of the New 2 U challenge!

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