A New Love in TRX

Time for July’s New to Me Cross Training.  Since I joined my new gym I have really enjoyed taking the many pilates and yoga classes they offer.  I was a bit intimidated by the TRX class they have-mainly because I have only used the long yellow bands for pull ups with my personal trainer at the old gym and had no idea what would be done for an entire hour in a class.

The gym offers 2 different types of TRX classes: TRX sampler and TRX training.  I figured I would just go ahead and try both.

The TRX website says:

Born in the Navy SEALs, TRX Suspension training bodyweight exercises simultaneously develops strength, power, endurance, mobility, durability, balance, flexibility, and core stability.  Whether you ‘re young or old, out of shape or a pro athlete, injured or at the top of your game, TRX Suspension Training meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go.

TRX sampler actually included the use of handheld weights, a bosu ball, and a weighted ball.

TRX sampler class

I made the mistake of running to this class.  It was a solid hour of non stop movement and a great workout.  We did a warmup on the TRX bands and then did 30 second intervals of many different exercises with cardio spurts added in.  A total body workout.  It was AWESOME.  I ended up having a very kind stranger from my class give me a ride home because I was spent and there was no way I was going to be able to run after the class.

This week I took the TRX training class.  It is a full hour of just using the bands.  The class was still very similar, 30 second intervals of many, many different movements targeting every ounce of your body.  Seriously. Some of the moves I didn’t really feel like I was working that hard and two days later I could really tell how sore I was.  Some moves were harder for me than others and the class definitely takes getting used to. The instructor was awesome and didn’t mind having to re-show me how to do things.

the TRX class

I really like how the class is a total body workout.  I forgot how much I enjoyed taking group classes-especially strength classes.  To me, these types of classes are much more fun than just lifting weights.  And, it goes by really fast.  I also think I push myself in a group setting and I really like that.

pull ups with one leg lift
no clue what this is called-almost a running jump?

I’m not sure which class I like more.  They are very similar, but still very different.  When I left the “plain” TRX class this week I thought I didn’t work as hard but my muscles told me other wise.  They are both great and I will definitely be taking one/both of them again. Like I said, way more fun that just lifting weights! And I definitely think it’s a better workout and you burn more calories.

I highly recommend!

Have you tried TRX? Do they offer it at your gym?

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