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I don’t have to travel often for work, but when I do, I always make time to work out.  I also don’t get a choice as to where we go (usually a national or regional sales meeting) where we get to stay, or what our schedule might be for the trip.  It’s usually pretty hectic and you never know what you might get.  The last meeting was at the Dallas airport and my runs were in a parking deck.  I can’t complain about this trip though-check out the view.

Miami skyline from Coral Gables

This week I am in Miami and staying at a Hyatt.  When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to find this card in my room for free yoga.

on the desk

I wanted to relax after a long day of travel and meetings yesterday so I followed the directions on the card to try it out.


And super cheesy yoga from 1991 pulled up.  And it was only 11 minutes long.  It wasn’t exactly great-but I do appreciate them offering some sort of fitness-even though it was more of a get ready for bed relaxation video.  I’ll stick to using my yoga online videos instead.

old school and weird

Meetings start at 8am which mean REALLY early workouts because breakfast is from 7-8, and lawd knows I don’t miss a meal 🙂  I’m lucky to have a coworker (from another city) that enjoys running and we always plan our runs together.  We met at 5:55 this morning and headed downstairs to check it out what our route should be.  I asked the front desk for ideas-and they gave me this.

other side has street and mileage detail

I LOVE when hotels provide paths and options to workout.  It makes running less stressful when you have some sort of idea where you are going rather than just running and out and back based on garmin distance.  Side note: I try and avoid the hotel gym at meetings because most of my coworkers are all type-A overacheiver fitness types as well.  🙂 It’s always packed! 

We looped around a beautiful neighborhood with homes that had to be in the half million dollar range.  The loop total was almost 4 miles.  Perfect way to start a long day.

I’ve found keys to actually getting  my workouts in on my busy work trips:

1. Plan ahead.  I get my schedule the day I arrive and my coworker and I figure out what mornings we are going to go run. 

2. Ask.  Ask the hotel-do they know of safe areas to run or have maps already?  Are they affiliated with a gym in the area?

3. A little is better than nothing.  I may not have time for a 6 mile run or a full on weight workout-but I will find time for something.  (3-4 miles this week and doing pushups and the blonde ponytails bikini workout at night)

So my PFTW:

Monday: 3 miles before my flight, relaxation yoga, bikini abs

Tuesday: 3.84 miles

Wednesday: 3.84 miles, maybe yoga online, bikini abs

Thursday: 3.84 miles

Friday: flight home/possibly weights/yoga

Saturday: Father’s Day 4 miler Race

Sunday: see how I feel. not sure yet.

Obviously a very light mileage week.  I’ll be back at it next week for sure.  I know I owe a winner for the NUUN and will work on that tomorrow.  I’m exhausted and ready for some sleep!

Do you have to travel for work?  How do you get your workouts in when you are on the road?  Or do you look at your time away as workout vacation?

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  • Nice job getting a run in. I always try to get exercise in, too, but it only happens if I get up super early. By evening, I’m tried & usually out at the bar w/ coworkers 🙂 I have asked hotel people about running routes and typically get a blank stare. Good to know that the Hyatt (or at least that one) has routes marked out! VERY impressive!

  • Yes! I love this! I always, always make sure I squeeze in time to workout when I travel for work. I even have gotten to the point where I know the running routes in areas where I go regularly. I also love it when I have “running” co-workers with me because it is a fun way to bond with a colleague and share the miles. Have a great week!

  • I try to work out when traveling for work, but don’t always manage to fit it in. One thing that I did on my last work trip was walk to dinner in the evenings – about 10-15 minutes one way. The hotel’s food options weren’t great and it was a way to get at least a little activity. Asking the front desk is a great tip. Even though I can use something like MapMyRun to plan a route, it’s good to get advice about making sure the area is safe.

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