What’s Cookin’

Well, what’s cooking in life and what’s in my kitchen…first up in life.

My giveaway for 13.1 Atlanta ends tomorrow!!  Go enter!!  I realized (thank you Ricole Runs) that her post went to spam.  Apparently it was attack of the handbag spammers last night and I had almost 300 posts of spam.  I think the spam alert was concerned and put her entries in there.  If you entered last night and you don’t see your comments, please re-enter.  I deleted the rest of the spam comments because it would’ve taken forever to go through. Thank you internet creepers. 🙂

I totally slept in and skipped the 4 mile race on Saturday.  I decided to head out to see what my calf could take. Not gonna lie, the first 3 miles were iffy.  I stuck it out and around mile 4-5 the pain went away.  I made it 9 miles and could’ve kept going but didn’t bring enough fluids so I cut it at 9.  Thoughts?  I’m not sure what to do.  I’m considering A.R.T. chiropractic.  Has anyone tried this?  Has it helped?

The other reason I cut my run short at 9 miles was so that I could get to the farmers market before it closed.  P loved the new vegetable of the week last time (swiss chard 2 week ago) and we decided to try a few new ones.

I debated on my “new” veggies.  I knew we were having cauliflower and swiss chard again and wasn’t sure what to try.  I love squash and was intrigued by the flower shaped ones.  The vendor told me to grill them 8-10 minutes.  Turns out they are called patty pan squash.

I also picked up  kohlrabi.  This one I was CLUELESS about.  The guy who I bought the swiss chard from gave it to me to try (so very nice).  He said it was like a turnip.  Hmm.  Thank goodness for google.  I found this recipe and decided to try it.

I found the kohlrabi tough to peel and cut.  I had no idea what to expect. But I must admit, it was pretty good…everything is better with cheese, right?

So here is our dinner thanks to grill master P.

Filet, grilled cauliflower, grilled patty pan squash, baked kohlrabi, and sauteed swiss chard.  Yum. Yum. Yum.

I also bought purple green beans that I will make later this week-apparently there is no difference than green beans and they will most likely lose their color when I cook them.  Who knew?

I realized last night that I’m not sure how we survived without the internet.  Every single recipe and the vegetable information was “googled” in all of 2 seconds.  Pretty sure those definitions are not in my grandmothers cookbooks that I have sitting on the shelf.  My how things have changed.


Monday: 2 mile run, New to Me Cross Training

Tuesday: speed work if calf cooperates 8x400s maybe?

Wednesday: 4 mile easy

Thursday: 6 mile tempo

Friday: rest/walk

Saturday: I’ll be at Dauphin Island and not sure what I will be up for so not setting plans

Sunday: ditto to Saturday

How often do you try new foods/vegetables?  Have you had any of the ones I tried?  Any thoughts on the A.R.T. chiropractic treatment?

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  • I did buy mangoes for the first time this week. I’ve had them before, but never peeled and cut them myself. What a pain. But, I found a delicious recipe on pinterest that I just had to try. Good for you guys and the veggies. Those are way beyond my comfort zone.

  • I say go for it with the chiro/ART thing. I credit a local sports chiropractor with helping to fix my tendonitis issues. He’s getting to the root cause of the issue, I think, instead of just treating the pain. I’ve had ART before and I probably need to start doing it regularly. If you want a reco for a doc, email me. This guy is really good and in your area. In fact, he’s out for the next few weeks to work the Olympic Trials in Houston!

  • awwwww…..I miss cooking w/ you! I need you to fly out to Austin and get me motivated to try some new recipes! All of those dishes look delish. xoxo

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