The MORNING team!

I’m a bit delayed compared to many of my teammates so many of you have probably seen this already…but…

I’m so pumped to be on the MORNING team of Afternuun Delight!  Here’s a breakdown of the team.

Team Morning: AfterNuun Delight

Van 1

Tricia – Tricia Minnick: Legs 1, 13, 25

Corey – Schnoodles of Fun: Legs 2, 14, 26

Stephanie – Epicurious Runner: Legs 3, 15, 27

Jess – Blonde Ponytail: Legs 4, 16, 28

Caitlin – Nuun Employee: Legs 5, 17, 29

Ricole Runs – Ricole Runs: Legs 6, 18, 30

Van 2

Erin – Nuun Employee: Legs 7, 19, 31

Elizabeth – Running For Bling: Legs 8, 20, 32

Dorothy – Mile Posts: Legs 9, 21, 33

Amanda  – Runninghood: Legs 10, 22, 34

Jennifer – The Fit Fork: Legs 11, 23, 35

XLMIC – Taking It On: Legs 12, 24, 36

So.  Here’s the deal on my legs.  I was one of the few who didn’t give a list of what I wanted to run.  We had the option to give our top 3 legs of choice and I said put me where you need me.  I truly, truly was/am just so happy to be on the team that I didn’t/don’t care.  And, I have no idea what to expect so it really doesn’t matter, right?

These were my options:

As you can see-a bit overwhelming (click to enlarge).

My breakdown:

Leg 8:

4.55 miles easy.  From what I have read online, it won’t be dark but it will be after 6pm and I will need to carry a light with me.  Doesn’t look too bad.

Leg 20:

5.75 miles very hard.  This one is going to be hard.  Period.  Lots of hills (reminds me of Big Sur), running in the middle of the night in pitch black, and gravel and dust.  It is recommended to wear a mask/bandana to help with the dust.  With my asthma, I’m pretty sure that will be very necessary.  Should be interesting.

Leg 32:

4.09 miles moderate.  Hmm.  Not sure what to think about this leg.  It doesn’t look too bad.  Haven’t read much about it.

It looks like overall, my total mileage and challenge level is on the easier side.  By no means do I think it will be “easy”-just stating the obvious based on the chart above. 11/12 mileage and 10/12 on difficulty.  I’m glad I have range of challenging levels on the runs.

Who knows why I was put where I was put, maybe no one wanted to run these.  Maybe they thought I could handle the challenging leg 20. Either way-I can’t wait!!  It’s obvious I need to train on hills-which isn’t a problem in Atlanta.  And I know some people say that double runs aren’t helpful, but I still think I may try it out.

Thoughts?  Suggestions on training?  


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  • Don’t listen to the people that say double runs aren’t helpful. They are very helpful and is exactly what I recommend, that and lots of hill repeats. Good luck, sounds really fun.

  • Not to be scary…and I wish I could be super upbeat and say… Wooo hooo! Runner 8 is the place to be! … but I’m going to be frank …. I steered away from being Runner 8 specifically because of the dusty gravel portion. I wear contacts and everyone who’s run it in contacts says it kills. And they also told me that wearing glasses is even worse because the cool misty air and the dust make your glasses fog up and be like they’re covered in mud. I am legally blind w/o contacts or glasses so running w/o especially in the dark is not an option! Truth be told, you have an awesome approach and you will be awesome at it. And… if you want to switch with someone you can always ask around. With the changes in our van already, you might have some takers.

  • These look like some tough legs with those hills but I know you are used to hills so I think you will be fine. Looks like you’ve got a great van of ladies!

  • I was runner 8 last year…and leg 8 wasn’t bad…pretty flat..i ran it in the heat which wasn’t fun but not aweful. Leg 20 wasn’t as bad as i could imagine. I brought a mask with me just in case and I didn’t use it. I also wear contacts and that wasn’t not a problem! I did feel like a bad-ass when i finished! Leg 32 was my best leg. It was pretty shady…a few little rollers and an uphill to finish! Overall I liked Leg 8…I’m in van 1 this year….excited for a change in scenery! Work on some hills and you will be golden!! Good luck! Have fun!!

  • Hi Jennifer. I’m a little late in trying to get to know my teammates. Life has been…well, life. But i a sick day here and it is a great time to sit on my computer and read up on my van members. Looking forward to meeting you. I too, just said put me where you need me. I got the same leg I had last year but you know, I suppose I’m in the van I am and with the leg I have for some reason. Excited to see where it takes us and how the trip unfolds.

    • btw, I totally know you are Elizabeth and NOT Jennifer but I was just heading from Jennifer’s blog (and i’m playing the sick card). Ha! 🙂 We’re off to a great start aren’t we? Ha! 🙂

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