NUUN Winners and randoms

I’m so sorry it took so long!!  I’ve been stuck at these meetings with very little free time.  I had to use random number generator on my phone and take a screen snapshot to get my two winners:

congrats to both of you!

 Congrats to Jac @ Challenged and Running in the Bike Lane and to Jeremy.  Please email me your address at elizabethkalifeh at  I will get it mailed out to you next week when I am back and settled from my trip.

It’s been a crazy long week but I managed to get all my planned runs done in the morning.  We had a team building activity last night and my team earned some bling for our “Olympics.”  To say it was all highly entertaining would be an understatement.  To give you an example of a few, there were three legged type races in extra large whity tightys and  running in snorkling gear/flippers.  We took the bronze. 

i'm on the far right-yes we stretched the undies pretty bad 🙂
more bling!!

 I have had some pretty bad pain in my right calf (been running anyway-probably stupid, I know) and I haven’t been able to use my stick or foam roller to see if I can work the knot out myself since I have been out of town.  I’m supposed to run the Fathers Day 4 Miler tomorrow but I may DNS depending on how I feel. 

 What’s your plan for the weekend?  Anything fun?  Have you entered my free race entry giveaway yet?  Your odds are pretty good…

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