May Recap

Miles Planned/Actual: 80.4/80  Spot on here.  I didn’t plan anything on vacation but did get a few miles in which made up for getting sick and missing a few runs that week.

Cross Training Planned/Actual: 11/10  I was close. Again, getting sick changed my plan for the month a bit.  I did get a nice mix of cross training with yoga, pilates, bootcamp, elliptical, and personal training.

Races Planned/Actual:  1/2.  When the month started, I had only planned to run the Superhero 1/2 Marathon. P decided we should run a 10K in Huntsville.  So we did.  The Cotton Row Run was fun!

LOVE running costumes and themes

PR’s: 0.  But 2 very strong races.  I don’t expect much of that PR business in the Summer.

New To Me Cross Training:  3!!  I kicked it’s A.  Flybarre, online yoga and bootcamp.

Challenges Complete:  0.  No really.  AGAIN.  Didn’t finish the dips challenge.

Current Aches/Pains: tired, tired legs.  calves are tight.  I’ve been told that maybe I should take a week or so off from running.  Cue whiny voice:  BUT I DON’T WANT TOO!!

Current Book:  I finished Heaven is for Real and I got nothing.  I need a book…

Current Obsession:  Figuring out WordPress. Me and technology=fail.  I love the new look of the blog but I definitely paid to have it all done.  The switchover and new header are compliments of Krizzy designs (see sidebar).

Current Drink: still loving the Kona Kola NUUN. And wine of course since our Napa trip.

Current Song:  Just downloaded the Alabama Shakes album a few weeks ago.  Loving it.

Current Likes: Several fun weekend getaways that have nothing to do with running.  Shocker, I know. But one includes the beach!

Current Dislikes: Stress from work.  Just a lot going on-wish I could fast forward my work calendar to August.  Also, the 90 plus degree weather and humidity in the South.  It’s forcing me to run before work.

Current Treat: Trying to be good.  Although, P’s mom made a mean blueberry cobbler AND strawberry cake. And yes, I had both.  More than once.

Current Excitement: beach, pools, HTC, family time, and this crazy little thing called Muddy Buddy that P and are running next weekend, thank you NUUN!

A very good May.  June will be busy, busy.  1 work trip to Coral Gables, FL, 2 races, a trip down to South Alabama and who knows what else!

How was your May?  Anything big planned for June?  

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  • Do you Kindle? I can loan to you. I recently read HOHAs in Love: A Wonderful Novel about Running and Love — HOHAs in Love is the story of a dreamer, of the running club he founded, and of the runners who joined him with dreams of their own. —

  • I am LOVING your new blog. =D And killer month my friend! Are you on goodreads? If so, there are a lot of suggestions there. And… Feel free to take me on your work trip!! <3

  • Some book recommendations: South of Broad by Pat Conroy (it’s a long one but so good!), The Host (written by the same lady that wrote the Twilight books), Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay (sad but a really good read and the movie is out so you can watch that before or after you read the book). If you’re looking for something funny then I think any of the Emily Giffin or Jennifer Weiner books are perfect!

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