Life’s a Beach

Growing up I spent many weekends at Dauphin Island.  A little island, population 1300 (full time residents), right outside of my hometown Mobile (30-40 minutes).  This little island has slowly started to wash away after years of abuse from hurricanes but it’s still a great little place to go and relax.  No traffic lights, one local grocery store, barely any restaurants.  Just water.  It. Is. Awesome.

My dad actually keeps his boat at the marina at DI year round and he fishes almost every weekend.  The past few years he has rented a place for a month or so to unwind even more (usually takes a week off and then commutes the other 3 weeks) but for one reason or another, I haven’t been able to make the trip home.

This year P and I decided to head down for the weekend.  We fished, we drank, we ate, we watched sunsets.

P caught a shark!
Me & Pops and the only fish we could keep for dinner that I caught 🙂
heaven. dinner. yes.
the beginning…
the end…

I wanted to exercise and attempted to run on Saturday.  I know, I know.  I suck at actually taking my said time off.  I wanted to test out the calf-I did manage to take 3 full days off from running-big for me!

Let’s just say sweaty, sweaty mess.  I told myself I would go to test the leg.  I felt pretty good-not great-and ignored the pain.  I just wanted to sweat.  And I did.  I was running into the wind for the first 2 miles and decided to turn around.  I’m so glad I did.  It was dead heat and humidity and just miserable and it was only 8:15 in the morning.  I cut it at 4 miles.  I didn’t even care about the calf because of the heat.  But I least I ran!

view on my run. can’t beat it!

We woke up Sunday morning to see the roads already flooding.  Even though tropical storm Debby was/is quite a ways out in the gulf-the little island can’t hand much (at least on the west end where we were staying).  The wind/waves were so bad that the gulf was already washing into the road.  The sheriff was telling everyone to get cars out before high tide and to expect the water to rise another 2 feet.  Luckily we all had SUVs and made it out just fine.  It’s sad to know that one more bad storm will probably leave that end of Dauphin Island under water.  It did make for a pretty interesting Sunday!

the stairs under the house dad was renting
this is water from the gulf, over the road, and now under the house
that open area is where we were laying out all day Saturday-now under water (view from front balcony)
cars going in/out
view from our car leaving

Overall a great weekend.  I’m planning out my week and hoping my calf will cooperate.  My appointment with the chiropractor isn’t until next Tuesday and I’m just going to continue with what I am doing and adjust as necessary…


Monday: 30 minutes elliptical, 300s weight workout

Tuesday: speed work, pilates

Wednesday: 4 mile run

Thursday: bootcamp, run?

Friday: 10 mile run

Saturday: 2-3 mile run/walk

Sunday: rest

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  • I grew up on the gulf coast (Clearwater, FL), and looooooove the gulf. My family was getting hammered by Debby all weekend.

    So pretty, looks like you had a relaxing time 😀

  • Sadly I’ve never been to Dauphin Island and I’ve lived in Alabama my entire life. I must fix this after reading your post and seeing all your beautiful pictures. Can’t believe P caught a shark and that’s a huge fish that you caught!

    • i know! his catch was the first of the day. i was pretty proud of mine! it’s now in the freezer waiting to be cooked.

  • Dauphin Is is on my list of places I want to visit! That water was pretty crazy though. Glad you had time to relax and EAT SEAFOOD!

  • I live in Daphne….wish I had known you were in Dauphin Island…we could have met up for a run…or coffee…or dessert! 🙂 Glad you were able to enjoy some of your stay before Debby ran you off!

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