I’m spreading the NUUN LOVE!!

As it continues to heat up this summer, staying hydrated is key.  It is also important to stay hydrated during your regular day-to-day activities and obviously when you are getting your sweat on.  NUUN does a great job explaining dehydration and the keys to hydration on their hydration 101 page, so I won’t repeat it-but I recommend heading over to check it out.

We all know I love NUUN.

I can’t wait to hang with the NUUN team at Hood To Coast in August!

They have 3 different hydration options for you to choose from.

NUUN Active Hydration is just like your go-to sports drink-BUT better-WITHOUT the sugar.  It comes in portable tablets, in a recyclable tube.  So it is easy to travel with, keep in your purse, in your desk at work (or in my case, my car), and in your gym bag.  The tablet dissolves quickly in 16 oz of water and viola! Instant hydration for the sweaty activity of your choice.

The American College of Sports and Medicine recommends that people who are active for more than 1 hour get 500-700mg of sodium for every liter of water they consume (3 times more sodium than traditional sports drinks provide).  NUUN Active Hydration provides 700mg of sodium for every liter of drink-right on target-and really important, especially during the summer heat.

I haven’t met a flavor I didn’t like -even banana (I normally don’t like banana flavored things).  Sure, NUUN tastes good.  But it serves a purpose.  It keeps you hydrated!!  I take it with me to the gym or to a fitness class and I drink it before, during and after runs.  My favs are kona kola, 1/2 lemon tea and 1/2 orange, and grape.

at the gym...
before bootcamp and my run...
not a beer! just lemon tea NUUN...

NUUN just launched NUUN All Day and I ordered it as soon as it was available.  NUUN All Day is what I drink throughout the day now to just stay hydrated.  I gave up soft drinks about 5 years ago so I always have plain water.  Kinda boring I know.  NUUN all day now gives me flavor options for my water instead and provides an all-natural blend of 17 vitamins and minerals.  I’ve tried all four flavors: Grapefruit Orange, Tangerine Lime, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Grape Raspberry.  I personally like the Grapefruit Orange and Tangerine Lime the most.  NUUN all day is a great option for you (and your family) instead of juices, sodas, and caffeine beverages.

The only NUUN I haven’t tried is the U Natural Hydration.  It has half the sodium as Active NUUN, is all natural, sweetened with stevia, and comes in 4 flavors.

To sum up why NUUN is great:

  • 19 flavors to choose from
  • Zero Sugar
  • Full of electrolytes and vitamins
  • Under 8 calories
  • Convenient, Portable, and easy to use
  • Eco-friendly, reuse your own bottle
  • Great for the entire family
  • 50 cents per serving

I’ve also heard that NUUN is fabulous for cocktail mixing and for hangovers.  I’ve definitely used it after a night of drinking and will keep you posted on my concoctions that I create this summer.  I’m picturing poolside, with my flavor of choice and vodka.  Yes Please.

Okay, okay.  All this talk about why I like NUUN and what it does and why it’s important, etc.  And all  you really want is to win some, right??  If you can’t wait and want to order NOW, don’t forget to use the code “bloggerslovenuun” for 15% off!

Well, the wonderful peeps at NUUN provided me with several tubes and water bottles so I thought I would spread the NUUN love too.  I’m choosing 2 winners and each will get a water bottle, a tube of NUUN All Day and a tube of NUUN Active Hydration.

I’m keeping it simple after issues with Rafflecopter (thanks Kim for the heads up):

Tell me how you currently hydrate.

If you want to do all the extras, tweet, follow, etc.  Go for it.  You can have extra entries if you would like. Just leave a comment saying so.

Contest ends Monday June 11 at midnight EST.  I will announce the winners on Tuesday.

Nuun gave me the water bottles and NUUN tablets to try and giveaway but the review and opinions are all mine! 


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