I NEED to Run

I’ll admit it.  I’ve been in a running funk.  My legs aren’t moving like they usually do, I’m achy and sore.  Yesterdays run was supposed to be speedwork.  When I got up to go, my legs didn’t agree.  Even if I were being chased by a zombie-face-eating-crazy man, I couldn’t get below a 9:45 pace.  It was frustrating.  So I cut it to 4 miles and came home a scheduled a massage for this evening.  I did yoga after work yesterday and could feel the tension in my legs.  I think continued yoga, pilates, stretching and the massage will do the trick.

I’m often told I need to take a break, a couple of days off.  But I don’t want to.  I love it too much.  And I know I’m not the only one.  It’s National Running Day!  According to some of their awesome stats-there are lots of crazy runners like me out there.  Today is definitely not the day to take off.

The National Running Day website says that it is held on the first Wednesday of June.  It’s a day when runners everywhere declare their passion for running. Wherever we are, and whomever we’re with, we run-fast or slow, alone or with others, all over town, or just around the block.  It is a coast-to-coast celebration of a sport and an activity that is simple, inexpensive, and fun.  It’s the perfect way for long time runners to reaffirm their love of running and for beginners to kick off a lifetime and a life-changing commitment.

So this morning, I put on my usual gear and was lucky to have my friend Kelsey join me.  I told her going into it-it may be 6-8 miles, it may not.  It may include some walking, depending on my pain.  And it was that.  The same run as yesterday-nothing much faster than a 9:45 pace, stopping for stretching, an overall blah run.

i hate self portraits on my phone. I never know where to look...

I had to do it.  I needed to reaffirm my love.  I’ve been a “real runner” for a little over 3 years now (side note-I ran/walked for fitness for a few years out of college but never had a plan or goal).  Since January of 2009 and my first Hal Higdon training plan I have run 20 1/2 marathons and 5 marathons. I’ve logged countless miles, been through many pairs of brooks running shoes, bought some pretty fabulous running clothes, made incredible friends, started traveling the country, gained self confidence, given me strength and muscles, and done things I never, ever thought I could do.

Running has given me a lot.  I NEED it in my life.   I NEED to run.

I need to run for my sanity-to clear my thoughts and get away for a bit.

I need to run to help find a cure for cancer.

I need to run to inspire others.

I need to run to stay healthy and fit.

I need to run because I love it.

I need to run for the constant challenge and goals.

I need to run for me.  Period.

It’s not always perfect.  It’s not always pain free.  It’s not always fast and speedy.  But it’s running. And I love it.

If you are already a runner, why do you run?  If not, are you thinking about becoming a runner?  If so, today is that day.  Set a goal.  Have some fun.  GO RUN.

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  • I run for my health, happiness, sanity, and because God gave me the ability! It’s also my girl time with my friends! Love running and couldn’t imagine my life without it!

  • This is an awesome post! I love reading other people’s reasons for running because they are all so different, yet the sport is just the same. Hopefully your body starts cooperating a little more soon…I definitely know the feeling.

  • I feel like 4 out of 7 days a week I am in a running funk. So I totally understand where you are coming from!

    I NEED to run too. So we are pretty much the same person.

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