Five for Friday

1.  Tomorrow P and I are running, if you call it that, our first Muddy Buddy!  NUUN was kind enough to sponsor us for this insane challenge.  To say that I am not a fan of mud, dirt, etc. would be an understatement.  So this should be highly entertaining!!  I’m very excited to do it, and even more excited about adding a medal to my collection.  But I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what to expect.

the course. Umm….

2.  Sometimes I feel like I live under a rock.  I don’t know where I have been, but thanks to getting on the HTC team with NUUN I learned about Oiselle.  Holy Fabulous.  They had their secret sale and I got this shirt that I am obsessed with.  It’s not too snug on my girls and its long in the waist too .  LOVE IT.  They had a contest on instagram this week to post a pic of yourself running.  So I did.  AND I WON.  Another fabulous shirt!  I am very picky about running shorts but theirs seem to get rave reviews so I hope to give those a try too.  How in the world did I miss this brand??

it has all the different running distances on it

3.  If you follow me on twitter, you know we have a bit of a “homeless problem” behind my building.  The building next to me has a parking deck that seems to also house drug deals.  In order to explain it all and the drama behind it, it would take an entire post.  I LIVE IN A VERY NICE PART OF ATLANTA and you would not expect this behavior to go on here, but it does.  So yesterday I awoke to many emails from neighbors that some loon had set a dumpster on fire and the fire department came.  It was no joke.  P’s car was parked next to the dumpster.  We were lucky that my building didn’t catch fire and neither did his car.  They did however burn the AT&T lines down.  F-ing idiots.  I guess this is what I get for living “intown.”

the neighbor took this from his window
Ash on P’s car. He says the inside smells too.

4.  I have to go to Coral Gables for work next week.  I’ve been a bit stressed because I am leading a class for a day and I am looking forward to getting it all over with.  Not to mention I am a salesperson and do not do well sitting still from 8-5.  For reals.  I’m going to go crazy.  We do get one night free to ourselves though, any restaurant suggestions?

5.  My massage helped wonders.  I have realized though that I need to get back to speed work and possibly some double runs to help for HTC.  I feel like I’ve been a bit lazy and need to get back on a real plan.  It won’t happen next week while I’m away (I do have a coworker that lives in NC that I get to run with while we are there so that is nice) but it will happen the following week.  FOR SURE.

What do you have going on this weekend?  Any tips on this Muddy Buddy thing?  HAVE YOU ENTERED MY NUUN GIVEAWAY???

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